3 Reasons Why Cats Urinate Outside The Litter Box

There are a variety of mixed factors that contribute to the reason as to why cats urinate outside the litter box. But one of the main reasons is because of something that happened before that caused them to do this once, twice, then became a habit which is why they constantly do it regardless of what you do to stop it. Below, we will discuss the top 3 reasons cats urinate outside the litter box, so that you can try and figure out the reason by matching the reasons cats do it from our list.

Top 3 Reasons

  1. Cats may have a sense of urgency when going to the litter box, as you may have restricted them from doing so because of eating or playing, which is why they go outside and not inside. This is because going inside and urinating takes a lot longer than doing it outside on the rug. After your pet does it once or twice, your pet will constantly do it out of habit, as it is a lot easier and saves time as well for the cat. The easiest way to fix this is to remove all mats or rugs beside your litter box, as cats often do not urinate on a plain floor but usually on a rug or mat. This will force your cat to go inside the litter box to urinate instead of having to find another mat or rug to do it on.
  2. Your cat may have had a bladder problem in the past which made them urinate outside once. Once they did it the first time, they realized that it was fine to do so and it fixed whatever problem they had, so they keep on doing it. As cats aren’t intelligent, they may think that urinating outside is a solution to their bladder problem, which is why they constantly urinate outside. The solution to the first reason will fix this as well.
  3. The final reason is due to the litter box not being comfortable or the litter you are using not being healthy to use. This may cause your pet to be uncomfortable while using the litter box and not feeling safe due to the quality of the litter not being up to standards. As low quality litter has dust and a smell that feels dangerous to your pet, your pet will urinate outside to not have to breathe in the litter, or may urinate outside because the litter box is either too small or uncomfortable to use.


The main reason for urinating outside is due to your pet doing it once and realizing that it fixes their problems. You have to make your pet feel like urinating inside the box is a lot better and comfortable then doing it outside to fix its habits, otherwise, it will constantly do it outside as there is no other reason for them to do it inside other than it being more uncomfortable. Think of your pet as a newborn baby who doesn’t know much, as it is an easy way to find out solutions to most problems.

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