Arm & Hammer Double Duty Litter Review 2018

Since all pet owners have different preferences for cat litter and what type of cat litter gets used by their pets, there are a variety of products that each unique owner can use for their pets to get the unique experience they want.

With some pet owners waning the best cat litter in terms of quality and some owners wanting the best quantity out of the cat litter they purchase, there are a variety of options that you can choose from. The Arm & Hammer Double Duty Litter is a combination of the two because it features quality materials as well as lots of quantity for a low price.

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There are quite a lot of pros to this type of cat litter because it includes a hybrid of most of the features that you would wish for in cat litter. This includes clumping and odor control features that allows you to have an easier time taking care of your pet’s litter as well as cleaning it up afterwards.double duty cat litter


Although this product doesn’t clump as well as the ones that feature this type uniqly, it still can clump pretty well and will be easy to notice and clean up. As soon as the feces and urine touches the litter, the surroundingĀ litter will clump up and will allow the litter to be cleaned up nicely without much litter going to waste.


This feature is the best feature for this product because that is what keeps your house smelling fresh and clean. This feature is also great with this product because as soon as the feces or urine touches the litter, the smell gets absorbed immediately, with the bacteria from the waste being broken down by the litter immediately.

This allows the smell of the waste to disappear into the litter to be disposed without creating much of a fragrance. Since smell from pets and litter floats around the room easily, it is important that the litter is odor-free and can support the ability to absorb the smell.


Although there aren’t may cons, there is the one con that appears in almost every cat litter. The only con there is, is the litter smell being unpleasant to some people who don’t like this particular type of smell. As the litter tries its best to absorb the smell and leave a pleasantĀ smell behind, the pleasant smell might be disturbing to some. So it is highly recommended that you read the reviews and see if the smell is something you can stand up to before purchasing the cat litter.


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