Best Cat Carrier for Bike 2018

When you are out on your biking trip, have you ever wished that you could’ve brought your cat with you? Cats may not necessarily look like they enjoy the outdoors, but they can always enjoy a drift of fresh, cool air which they can experience through biking.… Read on

Why Do Cats Cough Up Hair Balls?

If you have been with your cat for awhile, then you might’ve noticed the strange activity of your cat coughing out hair balls. These hair balls look like crumpled up pieces that are roughly 99% made of hair with the rest being spit and other misc pieces from the stomach.… Read on

Why Do Cats Stare At Me?

If you have a cat, then you might have come across this scenario before. After having a filling snack, your cat goes to lay down on its cat bed. But before that, it goes to its cat water fountain and gulps down a bit of water.… Read on

Why Do Cats Twitch In Their Sleep?

cats twitch in their sleep

If you have ever looked at your cat while they are sleeping, you might’ve seem sometimes twitching. As it always doesn’t happen, it may look like your cat might just not be feeling well, or might be having a dream. So, why do cats twitch in their sleep?… Read on

PetEdge Soft Paws Restraint Cat Air Muzzle II Review 2018

In one of our previous guides, we have reviewed the PetEdge Cat Air Muzzle and get it a glowing review because it was in fact, amazing for its price and value it brings to the table.

However, we felt like we didn’t shed enough light on this product to give it the attention it really deserves, which is why we have decided to write an individual product review (we don’t do it often, only for special products).… Read on

Best Cat Tree Under $50

Usually when you think of a cat tree and you have experience with purchasing pet goods, then you should know that cat trees are usually over $50. This is mostly because a cat tree is a pretty big structure, much like how a kid’s playground structure is fairly expensive.… Read on

Best Flushable Cat Litter Brands 2018

If you own a cat, then you have most likely have dealt with cat litter. And if you have dealt with cat litter, then you have most likely made the conclusion that it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to get rid of it, as it’ll stink up your house if you throw it inside your bin at home and will attract ants if you throw it away outside.Read on

Packaging Standards for Dog Food

Whether you are planning on building your own dog food brand or are looking to sue a company for not following USDA standards, knowing the packaging standards for dog food is important.

Knowing these standards will allow you to safely consume pet products for your pet without ever being in a place of risk because the brand doesn’t follow USDA packaging standards for safe packing.… Read on

What is Big Cat Rescue?

From the countless number of organizations that help support wildlife, Big Cat Rescue is one that stands out from the crowed.

This organization is one that helps to end private possession and distribution, through selling and other related sales channels, of exotic cats.… Read on

Cat Litter Box End Table Buyer’s Guide 2018

A litter box is essential if you want to keep your cats from leaving waste all around your house. However, the average litter box looks terrible and out of place in a house due to its weird design and shape. Since it obviously looks like a litter box, it’ll look the look and obtain criticism from visitors.… Read on