Best Cat Beds of 2018

Cats love sleeping even more than we do, which means that giving them a better bed will benefit them a lot more than just a plain pillow or a fluffy mattress. This is why you should consider getting your pet a cat bed, as it will give them a much comfortable bed to sleep on, as well as give them somewhere to stay when they are bored. These beds aren’t normal beds, but rather a combination of several features that make the life of your pets a lot more interesting and less boring.

Types of Cat Beds

There are many types of cat beds available as you can see in the list below:

The most famous ones are the roofless cat beds, as cats don’t care as much as dogs about whether their beds have a roof or not. That’s why you can get either a covered cat bed or a roofless cat bed without having to worry about the preference of your pet. If you want to do a bit more for your pet, then you can go the extra mile and purchase a heated, condo, or hammock bed for your pet, as it will give them a better experience while sleeping.

Advantages of Using a Cat Bed

There are many advantages that you might not know of giving your pet a bed to sleep on. Imagine you not having a bed to sleep on, that’s exactly what your pet will experience when you don’t give it a good bed. It will grow tiresome and won’t be full of energy to play with you and explore your home. If you give it a comfortable bed, your pet will have a lot of energy one it wakes up and you’ll also feel a lot more energized as well when you see your own pet with a lot of energy.

Expert’s Pick – Best Cat Beds

We have tested out a countless number of beds at our facilities due to our cats requiring a comfortable place to sleep to recoup energy for more hours of playing. During our testing, the products below have caught our eye which is why we have decided to include them in our review. They were the ones that our cats loved to sleep on as they were comfortable and after weeks of testing, they had barely any marks on them which is why we also recommend them for long term use as well.

Although these products may not be the cheapest options in the world, they are fairly affordable and we highly recommend that you purchase your cat bed from our list, as there are some products that we tested that we would never recommend that you use as they break easily, aren’t as comfortable as people say for cats, and are not worth the price you pay for them. Go on and read our reviews and see why we love them so much!

1.) FFMODE Cozy Pet Dog Cat Cave

This product is awesome due to it’s compact size, but large space inside. Although this product was able to fit into a small area in our rooms, several kittens were able to fit inside due to the special interior design of the product. Yes, this product is designed for kittens, but bigger cats can also use this product as well, although not more than one cat will be able to fit. Another great feature about this product is that it is made of comfortable-looking fleece that is supposed to make cats feel comfortable and safe. This also makes it good for homeowners that care about the look of their homes, as the color choice of the exterior fleece was also chosen well and will fit in with any home background.

The product price of this product is affordable and not by any means cheap or expensive. We recommend it to those looking for an average-sized product that has decent quality and features while also providing great design and a 2-set color theme that will fit in with any home. Cats will love you for buying them this bed, as the cave-like design of this bed will cuddle them and warm them while they sleep, giving them a better opportunity to recoup energy for more playing!

2.) Curious Cat Cube, Cat House / Cat Condo

This product is bit unique due to it providing a few more features than what the other products provide. Some of the other products on this list may provide one or two more features other than sleeping, but this product definitely packs a punch that is a lot stronger than the others. This is because this product has several features such as cat toys and a cat perch to keep the cat company other than just giving it a place to sleep. The cat toy ball on the side of the cube is something that all cats love and is something that will keep your cat entertained for a long time when it is bored, such as when you leave home for work.

Due to the features explained above, this product is definitely one that is great for those who own a cat, but don’t have a lot of time to play with it in the day due to work or school. This is because the cube itself will keep the cat company because of the cat toys on the side, condo, and perch. As the price of this product is close to the same to the product above that provides just a sleeping cave, we believe that this product has a lot more value for the price that you pay, so if you are interested in a product that has an affordable price while offering more features than you are paying for, then you should get this product.

3.) Armarkat Cave Shape Pet Cat Beds for Cats

This is another product that is one of our favorites due to it having an attractive and compact design. Only one kitten/cat can fit in it at one time, but due to the small and compact size of this cat cave bed, it is one to add to your cart if you don’t want to use too much room for it. Another great thing that we love about this product in terms of looks is the simple color. Although it depends on what color you choose, a majority of the designs all look great in any home background and also looks friendly for the pet as well.

One important factor to take into factor when choosing a cat bed is how sturdy it is, as cheaper and lower quality beds usually fall or don’t stay up after a few weeks or after a few washes. With Armarkat Cave Cat Bed, this won’t happen, as it is strong enough to last through washes and is also flexible enough to fit the cat snuggly. The last pro about this product is that you can take out the soft covering or pillow from inside of the product easily, which is great since you’ll be able to wash it without having to wash the entire bed as well. As this product is priced decently, it’s decently one to consider when looking for a cat bed.

4.) Best Pet Supplies, Inc. Tent Bed for Pets

This bed is a bit different from the others as it isn’t a cube, or a cave, but rather a tent. This new design gives a whole new set of advantages, although your pet won’t be able to experience the snug feeling that a cave gives when you decide to buy it a cat tent bed. Apart from not being able to give your pet a snug feeling, there aren’t any other disadvantages that we experienced. Some advantages that we saw however, was that the cats seem to feel a lot more cozy inside compared to the cave models. When it turned cold, all of our cats seem to turn to the tent instead of the cave, so if you live in a cold area, it might be better for you if you choose the tent design.

Whether you have a big cat or a small cat or need a cat bed for two, this brand is definitely the place to go for tent beds, as you can choose from the variety of sizes that they offer. One thing that some home owners may not like is the one color theme of this product. As it is one solid color without any other options or designs, it might be a good thing for some and bad for others, so it all comes down to preference for the design. However, for functionality, we recommend this product alongside all the other ones, as they are all similarly priced and perform similar functions without one doing better than the other.


Just like how we want a comfortable mattress to sleep in, cats want a nice and cozy cat bed to sleep in as well. Do your pet a favor and get it a bed and you’ll no longer have to sleep uncomfortably with your pet in your bed with cat hair flying everywhere! As cat beds aren’t as expensive as mattresses, this is only a small investment for the comfort of your pet, so we highly recommend that you choose one of the beds above, as it is definitely a very smart choice!

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