Best Cat Tree with Leaves 2018

Yes, there are many different types of trees for cats, but they have one thing in common that you would not expect, they don’t have leaves. However, in this review, we will be discussing several of the best cat trees that look like trees, since there will be leaves on them. Since real leaves take a lot of maintenance and dirty up the place a bit, we recommend that you get the ones that come with artificial leaves. All the products below include artificial leaves as we believe those are the cheapest, easiest ones to get.

Most cats are brought up from home to home, making them not being accustomed to living in trees, but they still have the nature in them. So, even when you place a cat tree next to them, they still won’t feel the effect that a cat tree with leaves will give, so we recommend that you go through the list that we present below and see which ones look the best to you.

Best Cat Trees With Leaves

1.) CatHaven Cat Condo

We recommend this product in first because of two reasons. The tree itself is very tall and wide overall, which makes it a very good fit as a cat tree. Second, it has TONS of leaves, which the other trees on this list lacks. As this product can hold cats up to 32 pounds and is easy to assemble, it is definitely the best cat tree with leaves that we have seen so far.

Although the leaves on this tree is artificial, the leaves has been designed and painted, so that it looks natural and real. The cats won’t be fooled, but your guests definitely will!

The price of this product is fairly expensive compared to other cat trees, but if you factor all the extra benefits this product comes with, it isn’t much at all. Try to gather leaves outside and then glue them onto your existing cat tree. That’s a lot of work! Do yourself a big favor and get this tree for your cat and show them what their true nature looks like!

2.) Extra Large Cat Tower like Real Tree with Leaves

Although this product doesn’t have the amount of leaves that the first product has, it still has enough leaves and a good enough color combination to make up for it. With the grey and black color combination and the scattered leaves, your cats can free their nature and roam the tree!

It is made of soft plush covering and has many posts to scratch on, so that your cat can stay comfortable. The price of this item is considerably cheap, since the tree itself is tall and is also made of decent quality materials. If you are okay with the product not having as many leaves as the first one, then this product may be a budget option on your list.

3.) Go Pet Club Cat Tree Furniture 77 in. High – Jungle

If you own many cats, then you should look closely into this product. With an very tall design and several patches of leaves to work with, your cat might even be fooled it’s a tree! The color of this product (brown/black) combines very well with the theme of this product, making it a good decoration piece in your house as well.

It comes with several hammocks, condos, etc, to make your cats experience the best as possible. The price of this product is fairly high, but once you see that it’s meant for multiple cats and has the features of a cat tree with leaves, then the price isn’t that expensive, but rather affordable. We highly recommend this product if you want a product with leaves and is meant for multiple cats, as this product can definitely do the job!


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