Best Catio Enclosures 2018

If you own a cat and don’t want it destroying your home then it might be a good idea to get a catio enclosure. This is because a catio will be able to enclose your pets outside without letting it be exposed to dangerous animals. Another reason we recommend that you use a catio is because it will allow you to clean up after your pet a lot easier since you know where everything is and it will also allow you to not have to clean up after your pet inside your home or have to deal with the smell that your cat may leave behind inside of your home.

Top 3 Catio Enclosures

The three catio enclosures that we will be recommending below were chosen because of how durable they were and because of how high quality they were. Although they may be a bit expensive, we recommend that you get them because they will act as a second home for your pet and will also prevent you from having to stress over the smell of your pet inside of your home because of the litter.

1. Animal House Heavy Duty Modular Pet Kennel (7.5′ Hx10’Lx5’W) 244.2 lbs

We recommend this product if you have more than one cat or if you want your pet to have a lot of space to play around. What you can do is simply attach places where your pet can jump on so that your pet can use the catio as a playground. This catio can also fit small cat trees so you can allow your pet to play around when it is alone. It also is big enough to have a water fountain, a feeder, and the litter box without your pet feeling confined.

This product is the most expensive one in this list but we highly recommend it because it is the biggest in terms of volume and will allow your pet to have enough space to play around in. As we said before, this product can have places your pet can jump on because this product is a modular product meaning that you can attach anything you want, wherever you want. Another feature of this product that we recommend is the dual gate feature. This feature will allow you to open the doors on both sides of the kennel, so if you can’t access one side of the catio, you can open it on the other side.

2. Cat Homes and Enclosures Product Variation

Unlike the other products in this list, this product comes with most of the features that you would expect such as a window, a slide door, and a small hinged door. This product will require some assembly because it isn’t a modular product like the other two in this list. But, you won’t have to spend a bit more money on features such as a place for your cat jump on because this product will already have the feature for you. This is a great product if you want your pets to not feel confined and have the freedom to do whatever it wants without breaking anything inside of your home.

This product is also quite large, meaning that your pet will have enough space to jump and play around on it as well. It also has a retreat on the upper level which will be a space where your pet can sleep or play around. This product may not be big enough for a pet that is quite large to share with another pet that is also quite large but it will be able to be used with two smaller cats. The great thing about this product is that it isn’t too costly because the material used is wood which is a bit cheaper than the steel that is used in the other two products.

3. Animal House Heavy Duty Gable Covered Protective Pet Kennel (6.2’Hx5’Lx5’W) 128.2 lbs

This product is the same brand as the first product that we recommended but it is a different size. It is a bit smaller which means that it is a lot cheaper, so although this product can’t be used with more than two pets it can still be used with two smaller pets or one single cat. This cage may seem a bit smaller but it is still quite spacious which will allow your pet to enjoy living in the outdoor area while being protected from predators such as wolves and coyotes. Like the products above, this product is also modular which will allow your cat to have obstacles to jump on and places where it can sleep without feeling threatened by living on the floor. There is enough space for you to place your water fountains and pet feeders which is great if you want your pet to stay hydrated without you having to fill up the water bowl every single day.

This product is also quite easy to assemble because there isn’t a lot of things to put together. It is also quite self-explanatory because all you have to do is attach the two gate’s on both sides and put the walls on the other two sides and simply place the roof on the enclosure. The product itself is quite high quality because the material used to make it is extremely durable and will be suitable for outdoor use. So, if you are able to find something to place over your house for your pets when it rains, there will be no problem with rain breaking down the cage because of the quality construction. Overall, we highly recommend this product if you don’t need a big enclosure like the first product we recommended but still want a heavy duty cat enclosure to protect your from predators while it lives outside.


Using a catio enclosure is something we highly recommend if you are stressed about your pet breaking things inside of your home because it will allow your pet to stay active and jump wherever it wants to without breaking anything such of value inside of your home. It also isn’t that expensive if you think about it because if you don’t purchase a catio then you’ll have to purchase a second home for your pet outside which will cost a lot more than what you’re paying for these enclosures. So get one today and feel how easy it is to assemble them and have your pets staying outside.

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