Best Flushable Cat Litter Brands 2018

If you own a cat, then you have most likely have dealt with cat litter. And if you have dealt with cat litter, then you have most likely made the conclusion that it isn’t the easiest thing in the world to get rid of it, as it’ll stink up your house if you throw it inside your bin at home and will attract ants if you throw it away outside. Luckily for you, using flushable cat litter brands will allow you to deal with cat litter that you can flush down the toilet without any worries!

Yes, it isn’t safe for your toilet and will clog it up if you do it with any brand. However, some brands will allow flushing as a feature and will manufacture their litter for this purpose. This will allow you to throw away your litter through your toilet without facing the consequences of clogging up the toilet. One reason why you would want to do this is because it saves you so much time, as all you have to do is hold the litter box and dump everything inside your toilet without having to go through the process of getting a bag, putting everything inside making sure not to spill anything, and then finding a way to store it without stinking up your house.

Below, we will be reviewing several brands that are great for their flushing capabilities. They will be safe to flush with and will come with the standard features that many people look for in the cat litter brand, such as odor-control, dust-tracking, and more. We also take price and quality into consideration, so if you don’t want to research these brands yourself, we highly recommend that you take out suggestions and pick a brand from our list below. We hope that we will help you find the best flush-able cat litter brands for your needs!

Flushable Cat Litter Brands

1.) Better Way Flushable Cat Litterthe best choice when looking for flushable cat litter brands

Better Way is a brand that is most well known out of the brands that are listed in this review for being a flushable cat litter brand. So, you can be rest assured that you’ll be able to safely flush down the litter without fear of clogging up the tubes underneath.

This brand is also especially nice because it is eco-friendly. Instead of sending the litter off to the dump, you’ll be able to dissolve it into minerals by flushing it down the toilet. This litter comes with cat attractant to help guide cats toward the litter box when it wants to go. This will help incredibly with new cats training to use the litter box.

The granules inside the litter help keep the urine afloat and keep it from touching the bottom of your litter box. This will help keep your litter box smelling normally and won’t have you bending over and cleaning the floor of the litter box everyday just to get rid of the smell. This feature will keep the urine trapped in-between the litter for easy scooping.

However, if you are a septic tank user, we recommend that you do not use this brand as it isn’t suitable for these tanks. Overall, the price of this product alongside the quality of the ingredients makes it a perfect fit for those looking for value in their litter. This brand is well-known for flushable litter, so we highly recommend you check them out today.

2.) Garfield Cat Litter Tiny Grains Natural Multi Cats Instant Quick Clumping Better Way Flushable Litter

Garfield is also a brand that is well-known in the cat litter space for its quality and unique features. Its litter is made of completely organic materials, making it a perfect fit to be flushable and biodegradable. So, if flushing isn’t the right choice, then you can dump the litter in your backyard and your soil will absorb the nutrients and use it to improve the health of the soil.

The grains of the litter are also very soft, making it easier on your cat’s paws. This is usually something you should look out for as there are some brands that has sharp litter pieces which may puncture your pet’s paws while it is using the litter box.

The clumping of this litter is easily one of the best and in addition, odor control is also excellent as well. This will keep your house smelling fresh like it always was and prevent odor from spreading from the litter box across the entire house. Lastly, this litter is dust-free, making it easier for you to keep track of dust that comes out of litter. This will help those who are allergic, both cats and humans, from coughing every time they come near the litter box.

As there are no chemicals added, it is one of the safest brands to use for the well-being of your pet, so we recommend that you look into Garfield to see if this flushable cat litter brand is the right fit for you. It even has a cool feature that allows you to see if your pet is experiencing any problems by looking at the color change of the litter!

3.) 28-Pound Bag, World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula

The World’s Best Cat Litter Clumping Formula is one of the most popular brands for litter right now. Not just for the flushable cat litter market, but in the general litter market. This shows us that the quality of this brand meets the standards of thousands of people already and that it is satisfactory enough to keep using.

Because of the high reviews, we also decided to give it a try and these were our results.

  • It controls odor very well. We were barely able to smell anything coming off of the litter and when a visitor came, they said they didn’t smell anything fishy at all. This is amazing, as usually, a visitor can smell even the slightest smell as they aren’t used to it.
  • It clumps very well. This helps will cleaning up the mess as clumping will prevent any waste from touching any of the walls of the litter box and will help with odor control as well.
  • It flushed very well, although it left a bit of residue on the bottom of the toilet bowl. However, this is completely fine as it will go away after someone uses the toilet once more and then flushes everything down.

Overall, the cost of this litter is a little bit higher, mostly due to increased quantity, but the quality makes this brand something that you should look at if you are looking for flushable cat litter brands. Try it and see if it meets the needs of your pet.


If you are looking for flushable cat litter brands, then you must be interested in clumping cat litter brands as well! Check out our article and see if you are interested in that type of litter instead of the flushable ones! Both are excellent to use and will make your life a whole lot easier.

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