Top 5 Best Gifts for Cat Lovers of 2018

If you don’t personally own a cat, then thinking of the perfect gift idea for your friend who is a cat lover may be a difficult task. That’s why we have done the hard work for you and have narrowed down to a few gift ideas that we think are perfect for your family and friends who may love cats to death.

We have conveniently placed links on the titles of each product, so simply click on the product title to be redirected to the gift you are interested in! Although there isn’t a 100+ list on ideas, we have narrowed down to the best 5 ideas that we know your family and friends will love, so check out our list and choose which one fits their personalities!

Expert’s Pick – Best Gifts for Cat Lovers

1.) Teagas Cat Coffee Mugs for Boyfriend or Husband

Who doesn’t like a cute mug that has their favorite pet as the main theme? This mug is a combo package (2 pc) that is made of high quality ceramic to last your friend or family a long time, so that they can keep their favorite pet mug for as long as they want! Another great advantage of this mug is that instead of it being purely for looks, it stores quite a bit of liquid, as well as not being too heavy as well. So instead of this gift going on the shelf to collect dust, it’ll actually be used and not be just a decoration piece! If the person you are gifting this to loves cats and coffee, this is one of the best gifts for cat lovers you can get.

2.) Cat Crib

This gift idea isn’t exactly for your friend, but rather their cat, as it will make their lives so much easier. However, a gift for an owner’s pet is a gift to the owner as well, but especially so, as this cat crib will remove a lot of the clutter in your home. This is because instead of having a cat tree around their house, they can simply have this crib under their chair for their pet to sleep on. This is one of the best ideas in our opinion, as it will not only eliminate their need of purchasing a cat tree, but make use of useless space under their chairs as well. If you have this, then you will need a litter box as well!

3.) sunart Tea for one

This is another great idea if your friend or family loves tea or hot liquids, as this tea pot set combines the cuteness of a cat into a cup and a pot! When combined, the two pieces form a cat, but when separated, the cat becomes the cup to pour the liquid into, and the base becomes the pot to store the hot liquid. This is a great gift if you know your friend loves cats, as this is a must-have for tables at home and who doesn’t want a cute tea pot set on their table?

4.) MiYang Cute Cat And Dog Warm House Slippers Booties

It’s cold, your feet are starting to freeze. Where did my warm and fuzzy cat sleepers go?!? This gift is an amazing choice especially if it is winter, as this pair of slippers packs quite a punch. By combining the fuzziness and warmness of a cat into slippers, your friend can finally wake up in the morning and go to boil their coffee without their feet freezing! As this product is also quite comfortable and has many sizes, it is a great choice if you want to purchase a few more pairs for other friends as well!

5.) Home-X Cat Print Apron

If your friend likes cooking or is around the kitchen a lot, then an apron is a great choice to make. This apron combines many cute cats into one design which looks great on anyone, especially if they love cats! This apron is very comfortable and absorbs water easily, which makes it a great apron to use if your friend or family is around the kitchen and uses water in their cooking that may ruin their clothes. This gift is not only a cute one, but a thoughtful one as well, since some households don’t even have an apron!

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