Best Kitty Litter Box 2018

It is important to purchase and have your kitten trained to a litter box earlier on when its a baby rather than training it later on when it becomes older. This is because the cat will have basic training in place and will be used to using a litter box by the time it grows into a full grown cat.

When training your cat to use a litter box, it is important that the kitty litter box has all the features you need to give your kitten a great experience while using the litter box. This is to make sure that the cat enjoys using the litter box and not bothered by it, so that the training goes well.


Kitty litter boxes should have basic features such as odor-cancelling, anti-litter spill, durable, and has filters to filter out dust and odors. Without these basic features, it will be very difficult to train your kitty to use the litter box whenever it has to produce waste as they will think that going to the litter box equals a difficult time. You want the kitten to feel comfortable whenever using the litter box so that it goes every time whenever it has to produce waste.hooded litter box pan


This is an essential feature because it helps keep the room the litter box is in smelling nice and not full of the litter smell. Since most cat litter come with odor-less features, this won’t be an issue, but having a odor-cancelling kitty litter box will help a lot more.

Anti-Litter Spill

This is also a great feature to have if you hate cleaning up litter everyday that spills over the side of the container. Since litter can move a lot with a cat moving inside while doing its business, litter spilling over the side can happen often. With a case with anti-litter spill features, this won’t happen and will allow you to have an easier time cleaning up after your pet.

Durablehigh sided litter box pan

Although this is a feature that has to do with the build of the product, it is still an important feature. Since litter boxes usually last a long time, it breaking early isn’t something you should want. So when looking for one, make sure that the product is built with high quality materials and can last you a long time because they can often get a lot of wear and tear with your pet going inside and out a few times daily.


Since some litter doesn’t come with dust-free features, dust may arise from the box if not filtered correctly. So if the litter you chose doesn’t have filtering options, your room may be full of dust that will arise from the litter which may contain odors that you may not like floating around your room, so if you don’t want this, make sure that the box you are purchasing has filtering options.

Quality Recommendations

If you purchase blindly, you may purchase products that are either low quality or is advertised falsely with the product saying it has features that it doesn’t. By using our recommendations below, you’ll be sure that you be getting the features that the product says that will provide and get a product that is worth the amount you’ll be paying for.

1.) Self Cleaning Litter Box

The product name describes the product very well, a litter box that cleans itself! With this product, you’ll get a litter box that requires little to low maintenance because it has the ability to clean itself. If you hate having to open the litter box, picking out the litter that has been used, and scooping it and tossing it out, then this product is perfect because all that work can be automated, without electricity.self cleaning litter box

Here is how the product works. Once you believe that the product requires cleaning, you roll it to the side and take out the cleaning portion. Here, the empty space will be filled up by the used litter and can be thrown out, so that you won’t have to do the dirty work yourself.

In conclusion, if you need a litter box that requires little to no maintenance, then the Omega Paw Self Cleaning Litter Box is the perfect fit for you. All you need to do is roll, empty, and repeat!

2.) Good Pet Stuff Company Hidden Cat Litter Box

Kitten litter boxes usually look out of place in any living room, but with this progood pet hidden cat litter boxduct, everything will look like its in place. As this box has a fake plant on top and a vase looking container on the bottom, the whole litter box will look like a plant in a vase for decoration.

However, this product actually is a kitten litter box, with space inside the vase looking container, where you can store, clean, and handle the litter. As this product also provides ventilation and filtering, you won’t have to worry about the product raising dust around the house because of the nifty features this product has.

If you are in need of a litter box that will fit into your house design and not disrupt anything, this product is the one for you, as it can replace any spot that would’ve had a flower or pot!

3.) Tidy Cats Cat Litter, Breeze, Litter Box Kit System

This product is for the ones that want a product that will provide everything they need to get everything setup. In this litter box kit, you will get everything you need for a cat litter system, including the pellets, absorbent pads, container, and the scoop, so that you won’t have to purchase other products alongside this one.

Although this product does include pellets, we highly recommend that you get one separately, as it will contain a lot better quality materials and features when compared with this one. If you neetidy cats cat litter kitten litter boxd help choosing one separately, click here to see our recommendations on the best clumping cat litter you can get.

If you want a product that is already setup, can control dust easily, and won’t smell a lot, then this product is for you, since it can absorb, extract, and be built in a matter of minutes to be setup and be ready for your kitten to use.

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