Best Kitty Litter for Multiple Cats 2018

If you’re taking care of a lot of cats, then the average cat litter won’t do the job. As there is going to be a lot of other problems that will follow if you have the regular type of cat litter with multiple cats, it is recommended that you get the type of cat litter that works with more than one cat.

Some of these problems include litter being wet when another cat comes to use the little box or the litter box not smelling right and only one kitty using the litter box with the others not being able to because of the smell. Because of these problems, you’ll have to use specific kitty litter that works for multiple cats. So if you are looking for this kind, then read on and find out what the best types of kitty litter for multiple cats are.

Top 3 Kitty Litter for Multiple Cats

What You Need to Look For

When looking for the best kitty litter phone multiple cats, we recommend that you choose ones that have the features listed below.

  • Fast absorbing
  • Smell absorbing
  • Clumping
  • Affordable

Although one or two can be canceled out, we highly recommend that you get a product that has all those bullet points included in the package. If you think that you’re going to have a hard time finding a product that fit into those bullet points, then read on to find out what the best ones are and what we recommend. The products that we are going to be recommending below are tested and proven to work very well with multiple cats and you will be hassle free with the countless amount of features that these brands provide.


1.) World’s Best Cat Litter, Quick Cat Clumping Formula

worlds best cat litter quick clumpThis product is one of the best products that you can get because it allows for multiple cats to use this product, as well as providing premium quality and low dust. Although the multiple cat usage feature is one of the main things that is great about this product, the low dose tracking feature is also one of the best. From the tests we did, we could only see dust when we were pouring the litter out and none until the end. This proved that this product has a low dose tracking feature that works incredibly well.

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Also included with this product is one of the best quality litter that we have seen in ages. With ingredients that aren’t harmful for the cats and biodegradable in the environment, the reason that this product is a bit pricey when compared to others is obvious. If you’re looking for a product that can be used by multiple cats, has little dust tracking features, and made of high quality ingredients, then purchase this product, as you won’t be disappointed.

2.) Tidy Cats Brand Clumping Cat Litter

You are looking for quantity then quality, Then we highly recommend this product over the one that we reviewed above this one, as you get tons of more litter for around the same price. Although you don’t find the quality that you find in products to offer less litter, it still is usable and works great with multiple cats. tidy cats brand clumping litter for multiple cats

Since this product also clumps, cleaning is a lot easier than products that don’t clump. This feature also allows you to save a lot more litter because you will be able to notice which litter needs to be cleaned and which litter can say. This will allow you to only clean up the litter that needs to be cleaned and leave the remaining alone so that it can be used again and again until it has to be cleaned.

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This product is highly recommended for the ones that need as much litter as possible for the price they pay, even if the quality isn’t really up to standards. Although this product isn’t as dust-free as the product reviewed above, it still has low dust tracking features that help reduce dust.

3.) Fresh Step Litter Multi-Cat Scoopable

This product is actually very special and works for a unique selection of people and pets. Since this product is unscented, it does not contain any smells that try and reduce the odor that comes from waste. So if you are very sensitive to smell and would rather have the products absorb the smell and leave no traces at all, then this product is the best product that you can get. litter multiple cats scoopable clumping

For the people that love their litter clumped, this product features clumping, so that cleaning is a lot easier. Along with this feature, this product also keeps dust to a minimum, so that you won’t have to deal with a lot of dust arising in their house or room whenever your pet decides to go inside the litter box.

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This product is highly recommended for the ones that have to take care of a lot of cats that hate the smell of scented litter, but still likes doing it’s business and in a litter box full of litter. Since this products absorbs smell and clumps very fast, it is very suitable for multiple cats as well, so if you are worried that this product will not perform as well it will do with single cats, don’t worry, as this won’t be a problem at all.


The decision you make all depends on what kind of quality you want, as well as the quantity you want. If you have a lot of cats that use a litter box frequently, then using the lower quality option with more quantity might be the better choice for you.However, if you are planning on using this litter with a smaller number of cats, then choosing the higher quality option with less quantity might be the better choice for you.

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