Best Large Cat Litter Box 2018

Not all cat litter boxes suits all cats. Different sizes needs different boxes and if you are reading this article, you most likely need a cat litter box to suit your large cat. By reading this guide, you’ll be able to learn what the best large cat litter box for your cat is.

There are still options available if you have multiple cats and want a box suitable for multiple cats, but it is best if you have one that fits your cat. Below, you’ll see the factors that you should look for when choosing which box to get for your pet.

What to Look For

Features – Some boxes don’t come with any features at all and will simply be a box to put your litter on. These are usually cheap and will break the easiest, so it is recommended to get one with features like a built-in hood, handle, and more.

Quality – The litter boxes we will be recommending in this article are of higher quality than those that you will normally find on the market. However, it is recommended that you still look at the quality of the products before you get them. The best way to figure this out is to look at the material that is used as the main material and another way is to look at the reviews to see if customers had any problems with quality.

Price – What you pay is what you get. If you choose to opt in for a litter box that is cheap, then you’ll have to spend more down the line, replacing the cheap litter box that won’t stop breaking. Cheaper litter boxes are built with cheap plastic, so we recommend that you invest in a much higher quality litter box in the beginning so that you won’t have to worry about replacing your box.

Why do you need a large cat litter box?

If you have ever watched a cat using its litter box, getting a large litter box is a no brainer. Once inside the litter box, a cat needs to look around, choose which corner it wants to do its business in, and have space to cover up its mess.

By choosing a small litter box, you are giving your cat less space to move around and do what it has to do before using it. Yes, a larger box will cost you a bit more money, but we highly recommend that you invest into a larger one as it will make your cat much happier.

Best Large Cat Litter Boxes

1.) Petmate Open Litter Pan

If you are looking for a simple, large litter pan, then this is the first product that we recommend. It is made with durable plastic and is large enough for your cat to move around and do its thing. It comes in a blue color, so it should blend in well inside your home if you have a darker shaded home.

The pan is designed for your cat to easily climb into, but difficult for litter to come out of. It is also deep enough so that your cat will have to climb out, giving a chance for any litter stuck to the bottom of your cat’s paws to get brushed off. However, we also recommend that you look into a cat litter mat if you haven’t already, as it can help get rid of some of the mess that cats leave behind when they leave their litter box.

This product is fairly affordable, mostly because of its simple design. When compared to regular-sized litter pans, this pan isn’t much difficult in terms of cost, making it a good option if you are looking for a cheap large cat litter box. However, do note that this product is indeed made of plastic and is much more prone to breaking than those made with stronger plastic.

2.) AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter Box

Made by AmazonBasics, this product isn’t much more expensive than the Petmate litter pan. However, it does come with additional benefits that you wouldn’t imagine coming in this price range. This product is recommended for those that are willing to dish out a little bit more than the budget-friendly range, but in return getting features that will require less cleaning up.

The AmazonBasics Hooded Cat Litter Box comes with a hood and a swinging door. The hood will help contain the dust that arises from litter (excluding dust-free litter) and the swinging door will help in reducing the amount of litter that comes out alongside the cat. The swinging door will also give your cat an ounce of privacy, as cats love privacy just like humans do.

The price for this hooded cat litter pan is fairly affordable, especially for its size and the features that it comes with. Just like all other AmazonBasics products, the quality of this product is great as well, allowing it to last a fair amount of time. Yes, there are better quality options out there, but you won’t be able to find any better deals for this price range.

3.) Favorite 25-Inch Cat Litter Box Extra Large/Jumbo Covered Litter Pan

This product is recommended for those that are comfortable with stepping outside of the budget-friendly range. If you were looking for the premium option, this one is it as this large litter box is built with premium, durable materials and comes with a variety of features that you haven’t seen before in the two products we recommended above.

First of all, the material that went into building this product is far more superior than the plastic that is used in the two products above. This gives the litter box a better feel, better quality, and better look. These three additional benefits should be enough to convince you that the material is much better and that the additional price bump is worth it. Additionally, the hooded roof of this litter box is transparent, allowing you to see what’s going on inside the box while giving your cat its much-needed privacy at the same time.

The price of this product is marginally higher than the two products above. However, it does come with its benefits which you have to think about when deciding which one to get. If you asked us which product we recommend without putting price into consideration, we would choose this product in a heart beat. However, if you are on a budget, then one of the two products above would be a better option.


Whichever large cat litter box you chose, you made the right decision. It may not have felt good for your wallet, but would you rather save 10 bucks or invest into a toilet that your cat will love using for the next 2-3 years? Just like how you and me enjoy a large, clean bathroom, let your cat enjoy it too by choosing one of the large litter pans we recommended above.

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