Best Non Tracking Kitty Litter 2018

When looking for which kitty litter you should buy, you will have probably come across many different types. Since there are so many types, you may have been confused as to which one you should buy, as the differences aren’t that clear. In this review, we will be going over why you should choose non tracking kitty litter over normal cat litter and we will also give several recommendations to the best non tracking kitty litter as well.

Why Non Tracking?

It is important that you choose non tracking over others because of how it doesn’t “track” or float around the room and gets everywhere. If you do have litter that tracks all over the place, then you may have experienced that there is litter everywhere, even in places where it shouldn’t be, such as your table or on shelf’s. This is because the litter simply “tracks” its way over when it gets out of the box because it simply cannot stay in the box or stay on the floor.

The reason this happens is because:

  • The quality of the litter is so terrible, that the lightness of the product makes it track
  • The litter has no non tracking features at all
  • The litter is way too light which makes it dusty and float around

There are a lot of complex ways you can turn normal kitty litter into non tracking ones, but the best solution is to purchase one that already comes with this feature. If you do this, you can use the litter like you always do, without the smell escaping the box with the litter.

Best Non Tracking Kitty Litter Recommendations

It is definitely hard to find the right product out of the selection available to you, with some advertising that it works, but in reality, not working as intended. The list that we are going to recommend has been tested and proven to not track, which is a lot better than trial and error which we went through.

1.)¬†Purina Yesterday’s News Unscented Cat Litter

With tons of reviews and lots of customer satisfaction, this is one of the best ones you can buy. With the litter being close to 100% dust-free, it is also non tracking as well. If you hate how litter floats in the air and settles like dust, then we recommend this product, as that will never happen due to the unique way the product was designed.

The product will stay close to the floor because of its weight that isn’t too heavy to stick to containers, but light enough to not float in the air and track. It is also created with recycled paper and is 3 times more absorbent than clay litter, which makes it a much better buy. This is because even though it may be a bit more expensive, it will be better at absorbing the mess than clay. We highly recommend this product if you care about your cat and also hate the way that cat litter tracks in the air due to its fair price and abundant features.

2.) Feline Pine Original Litter

This litter is also recommended if you are looking for non tracking kitty litter because it comes with a lot of litter and also features the “no tracking & dust.” As it is also designed to be healthy for your cat, it comes without certain chemicals that comes with other brands that harm your pet.

Since the price is also reasonable for the 40 pounds it comes in, it is recommended if you are on a tight budget and you would rather buy once and not buy again for a few weeks. As this product is great for keeping dust and litter tracking at a minimal level, it is highly recommended for purchase if you care about the health of your cat and the health of your room as well.

3.) Nature’s Miracle Just for Cats No More Tracking Litter Mat

Although not a type of litter, it is an accessory that you can use to keep litter from tracking. As most of the litter usually rises in the air after it hits the floor and then is disturbed by the cat moving around or by a human walking in and out of the room, it is recommended that you use this mat to keep the litter from rising even when it is disturbed.

We highly recommend this product because it not only keeps the litter from tracking, but it also lets you use common litter that may not have the non tracking feature, as the mat will keep the litter in place. If you don’t want to change your current supply of cat litter, then we recommend that you get this non tracking litter mat, as it will let you use your original brand without changing while also keeping the air and room clean of tracking litter.


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