What is a Blackhole Cat Litter Mat?

If you have been on the lookout for a decent cat litter mat, then you might’ve come across some products that advertise themselves as a “blackhole” litter mat. These types of mats are a bit different than the average mat because of their ability to suck the cat litter out of the cat’s paws and place it beneath the surface. As the litter disappears and doesn’t stay on the mat itself, these kind of products are called a blackhole.

Differences Between a Blackhole Cat Litter Mat & a Normal Cat Litter Mat

There are a few differences which you should note when looking for a mat. One difference that makes up for a lot is the price of the product. Most of these blackhole cat litter mats are fairly expensive due to their thicker nature which requires a lot more materials to be used to be produced. Another difference is the thickness and look of the mat. If you want your mat to look fairly decent and fit in with your house, then this product might not be the best option, as it’s thick and black nature isn’t something that would fit in well.

However, the one main advantage is the fact that you won’t see the litter when it is scraped off of your pets paws. If you are okay with the mat not looking that tight around your home, but would rather want to not see the litter, then this product is mainly for you. As having litter not on the surface can decrease the smell of your cat’s waste, that may be an advantage that you may prefer more.

Blackhole Cat Litter Mat Recommendations

Below, we have a few recommendations on several products that you may be interested in that has the “blackhole” technology. Again, these are a bit more expensive, which is why you should only get them if you know their advantages and you need it.

1.) Blackhole Cat Litter Mat – Super Size Rectangular 30″ X 23″ – Blackhole Litter Mat

We are recommending this product because it has a feature that most pet owners want, a bigger mat size. As most mats are small and don’t have enough opportunities to scrape the litter off before the cat steps off the mat, it may prove to not work as well as it should. But with bigger mats, the mat will have a lot more opportunities to get the litter off the paws, which is why this kind of feature is recommended.

We also love that this product is very stable and won’t move a lot, even when multiple cats are using this product, as moving the product unintentionally can shake the litter off and create a mess around the mat. Getting the litter off the mat is very easy as well, as you can simply roll it up and shake all the litter out! Simple as that. Get this product if you need a bigger mat and if you want an easier time cleaning up, as this product has the easiest cleaning up mechanisms out on the market.

2.) iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper with Urine and Odor Repellent Plastic Layer

Another black hole cat litter mat, but with a different set of unique features, the iPrimio Cat Litter Trapper is a lightweight, “super” mat that will clean up everything that needs to be cleaned. As it has a lot bigger holes than other products, litter will have an easier time falling into the “hole” to not be seen again, unless you clean it of course. Cleaning is easy for this product as well, as it has an EZ open edge that is meant for you to open to get all the litter out with ease.

The product is a bit more expensive than other products, but it’s only by a small amount, so if you like the features of this product, then we highly recommend that you get this product, as the quality will surely prove to be worth the investment. This mat will make your life so much easier, as you’ll have less smell floating around your house and you won’t find any tracking litter around your house anymore that you have to clean!

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