Blue Cat Litter Review 2018

For those of you who are environmentally cautious, throwing away cat litter every other day may hurt your soul. This is because whenever you flush litter down the toilet or throw it away in the bin, you know the harm it is doing to the environment. However, Blue cat litter is different because it is made out of materials that are both toxin-free and biodegradable.

What is the Blue brand?

Blue is a brand that is well known for assuring pet owners that what they are feeding or using on their cat is safe, as long as the Blue logo is on the product. As Blue is very cautious of what ingredients they use in their food and litter, you can be rest assured that your cat is safe from toxins and artificial ingredients. This also applies to the environment, as if it safe for both you and your cat, it is probably safe to the environment as well.

Cat Litter Review

Below, we have three products that we recommend out of the Blue cat litter line, which includes a total of 7 different options. Although the rest of the options are great, we chose three that stood out among the rest. But, do note that each variety has its own benefit and if you need a certain variety for a certain cause, then by all means, go for it.

Naturally Fresh Litter Quick-Clumping Cat Litter

If you are looking for cat litter with great odor control and absorption, then this litter is the one to look at. Compared to other famous brands, this cat litter has triple the absorption rate so that you won’t have to deal with any “wet” mess. It also comes with low dust tracking, so that you won’t have to suffer from the dust that arises from the litter. This will make sure that the dust stays inside the litter box at all times. Lastly, this product is natural and can be thrown away in renewable packaging, so that you harm the environment. It’s made with walnut shells, so why wouldn’t you get it?

Blue Buffalo Naturally Fresh Cat Litter

This 14 pound bag of cat litter is great for those that love absorbent, dust-free cat litter. The reason why this bag is so great at dust tracking is because this litter isn’t made of clay, resulting in no silica dust being thrown out of the litter box. This makes your litter almost dust free, making your house that much more free of dust. Like the rest of the Blue products, this litter is natural and environmentally friendly, as long as you don’t use a container, like a plastic bag, that isn’t renewable.

Blue Naturally Fresh Pellet Cat Litter

Lastly, this pellet cat litter is great for those that want breeze pellets to clear up any smells or dust that may result from cat waste. However, there are some parts about this litter that you may not like, such as the litter breaking down overtime, due to its natural form, and falling through any pad that you may have. This will result in the litter falling through the pad and collecting at the bottom, allowing you to clean it up at a different date. Overall, this litter isn’t too bad, but does have its cons due to its “pellet” nature.


Not everyone is environmentally cautious, but it is because of us who are environmentally cautious that we are able to keep our planet living longer. By using cat litter is natural and safe for the environment, we are doing the animals, the trees, and the water around us a favor. We highly recommend that you try out Blue cat litter after reading out Blue cat litter review today, as we believe this is the best solution to keeping litter in a safe place where it won’t harm out plants, animals, and water.

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