Bozita Cat Food Review 2018

Did you know that many popular brands use artificial chicken alongside real chicken to make it seem like there is a lot of chicken when there actually isn’t? Not only are these brands ripping you off, but your pets are also digesting nutrients that aren’t good for them by eating the artificial chicken. However, by reading our Bozita cat food review, you’ll soon find the better alternative.

Why is the Bozita Cat Food a Better Alternative?

First of all, it uses real ingredients. There are close to no artificial ingredients used in the formula (traces may be found but will have no impact what so ever on your pet) which will ensure that your pet will stay healthy.

If your pet is a diabetic, then this food is also great as well. This is because artificial foods are horrible for diabetic pets and by using brands such as Bozita that only uses quality ingredients, this shouldn’t be a problem.

Bozita Cat Food Review

If your cat is rejecting the food you present it, even the popular brands that you see on the front page of Amazon all the time, then we HIGHLY recommend that you try out Bozita. From our experience, since we deal with many cats at our shelter, Bozita is the one product that they accept. This may be because the cats can smell the chicken from the artificial chicken inside the food.

The meat content of this brand is near 96% which is close to all of it, with the rest being soft foods which contribute to the 4%. This ensures that your pet is only consuming healthy foods and nothing that is bad, which is why we recommended this food for diabetic foods earlier.

If you have a cat that has a hard time finishing its food, then this brand is recommended as well. Natural ingredients tend to attract cats and keep them engaged in the food until it is all gone. From our experience, it brings out the appetite of even the slimmest cats, making it easier to feed them. If your pets are getting diarrhea or sickness from other cat brands, then try switching to this brand and it may be treated without any medications. This is because the immune system will start to strengthen through the nutrients that come out of this food and help fight the bacteria and MSG from the other brands.

The service of this brand is also amazing. If you have any problems or questions about usage, they tend to reply quickly which is a plus. Since we buy a lot in bulk, we had a few faulty items, but when we contacted them, we were able to get replacements quite easily.


So, should you get this brand? Of course. We highly recommend this product because it will give you natural ingredients inside food and a bewildering 96% meat content which is unseen in 99% of brands out for purchase. You have read our Bozita cat food review, now its your turn to try it out today and you won’t turn back once you do so. You can learn more about cat food brands here.

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