Why You Should Brush Your Cat Regularly

Brushing your cat isn’t an easy task, especially if you have a cat that has long hair or is a stubborn one that hates being brushed or if you have been using cat brushes that are aren’t fit for your pet. This may demotivate you to brushing your cat and you may end up brushing your pet once every few months because of how hard it may be every time you have to do it. You are not alone, as a lot of people experience this issue and in the end, they stop or do it rarely.

However, it is very important that you brush your cat regularly because there are both health and visual benefits by doing so. By not doing it regularly, you are not keeping your pet in a healthy condition and it may result in your pet becoming sick or becoming hurt due to it. So we highly recommend that you read on and see what might happen if you don’t brush your cat regularly.

Why Should You Brush Regularly?

There are a few reasons why you brush your cat in the first place. One reason is because it keeps the hair straight and removes curls as they appear. By doing it regularly, you are keeping curls from forming in the first place, as curls feel uncomfortable on the cat and will even prevent hair from growing in a straight, healthy line.

Another reason why you are brushing your pets hair is because it keeps the hair looking straight and not looking like a slop. This is mostly for visual purposes, it is still recommended for household cats although it isn’t necessary. Lastly, you are removing excess hair that has been removed from the cat’s body already, but is staying on the body due to the outer layer of hair. By brushing, you are removing the possibility of the hair floating out on it’s own and going places where you might not want it.

By not brushing your cat’s hair regularly, your cat will start to consistently harm itself by getting caught up due to all the curls in its body. If there is ever a case where your cat falls, but gets caught by a long object because of the curls in it’s hair, then both the skin and the hair of your pet will be harmed and medical intervention might be required to fully heal it. If it is expensive for you to get a hair brush, then you can also use household materials to get yourself a makeshift cat brush to use.

Your cat will also start to look more and more messy because instead of the hair being in a straight line, it will curly and messy which looks bad and will give others the representation that the cat is just another street cat living in a home. By keeping your cat well brushed, you are establishing the picture that your cat is a household pet.

Lastly, your house will become a flea market with cat hair floating around every where if you don’t remove the hair before it leaves your pet’s body. Gathering all the hair floating around your house, inside your cereal box, on your bed, and on your shelves is a lot harder than gathering everything at once from your cat’s body with a brush, so we highly recommend that you brush your cat regularly.

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