How to Brush a Cat Without Getting Scratched

If you have tried to brush your cat before, then you must know how much your cat struggles. This struggling often results in the cat running away, jumping to a high location away from your reach, or you getting scratched. As your pet doesn’t know that you are trying to help and remove curls as well as excess hair, it will simply run away because brushing is considered an activity that is “annoying” in the same line as bathing. Some cat’s will stay calm while you are trying to brush it, but a majority will struggle. Simply put, the best brush for cats are the ones that fit your cat the best, so we recommend looking around and seeing which one works best.

In this guide, we will teach you how to brush your cat without ending up scratched. There are a few methods to do so with pros and cons to each, so we recommend that you read through them and see which one fits you and your pet the most.

Keeping Your Cat Calm

There are a few methods which we used successfully to brush without getting scratched. See which one will fit best for you and your pet and try it out and if it doesn’t work, simply try another one as the health of your pet will be affected if you give up trying to brush your pet.

Cat Muzzle

Using a cat muzzle will prevent your pet from seeing anything and just like all the other animals, not being able to see anything will calm your cat and prevent it from struggling so much. The muzzles which allow your pet to see won’t work, so get one that will completely hide your pet’s sight, so that it will stay calm while you are brushing it. Cat muzzles aren’t the expensive, so the cost shouldn’t be a huge factor, especially since it is for the benefit of your pet’s health and for the removal of cat hair flying around your house.


This method will require a bit of training, but if done right, brushing your cat will become a very easy task. By using treats as a reward in keeping calm while you are brushing your cat, your pet’s mind will start to become trained to think of staying calm while you are brushing as a positive action. However, this won’t be easy and will require a bit of work on your part, but this method is definitely recommended if you have the time and if you think about the long term benefits.

Natural Petting Brush

If your pet is used to getting petted, then this method will work decently well. By getting a cat brush that is shaped like a glove, you can brush your pet while petting your pet. The downside to this is that it isn’t as effective as using a full brush. However, it is one of the most effective ways if all the other methods aren’t working and you are stuck with any option that will at least get some curls out and get some excess hair out.


This is truly the last method you should use as using medicine whenever you have to brush to keep your cat calm isn’t a healthy thing to do. However, if all the other methods above aren’t working, then this is something that you can do every once in awhile┬áto make sure that your cat isn’t suffering from all the curly hair it has. Medicine will keep your cat calm for a good period of time, so make good use of it and try to get as much excess hair and curls out as you can.


Brushing your cat may not be easy and you might get some scratches in the process. However, brushing your cat’s hair is an important factor in keeping your pet in good shape, so even though both you and your cat may not like it, you should do it anyways. Keeping your cat healthy is an important aspect in being a good pet owner, so endure through it and brush your cat often.

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