Why Is Your Cat Always Hungry?

As humans, we tend to get hungry after we study, work, or exercise and often don’t feel hungry when we sit around and sleep all day. With cats, they are ALWAYS hungry, although they spend most of their time sleeping and sitting all day long without being particularly active. There are many factors that contribute to cats being always hungry, but there is one main reason why this happens.

The reason is because of their metabolism speed. In humans, those with faster metabolism can process food faster and use the calories from the food a lot faster than those with slower metabolism who needs to move around a bit more to burn off the calories from the food. In cats, this metabolism speeds are a lot faster, making cats process their foods a lot faster in general. In addition, some pets even have faster metabolism speeds making them process foods x5 or even x10 faster than those with fast metabolism speeds. 

If you notice that your own pet is always hungry compared to other cats that you may own or your friends or family may own, then your cat is most likely in the percentile that has fast metabolism in cat standards. There isn’t any issue with this, other than your pet being able to burn off a lot more calories compared to others, so we recommend that you don’t restrict it from eating more than average, as it is able to burn off the same amount just as easily. As some humans with fast metabolism can burn off the same amount of calories watching TV compared to someone with slow metabolism exercising, some cats burn off an incredible amount of calories sleeping all day, so if you restrict your pet from eating whenever it feels hungry, then you might be starving your pet.


Some cats have faster metabolism compared to other cats and since their metabolism speeds are a lot faster than ours, cats burn off calories a lot easier than us. Even when they are sleeping, they are burning off tons of their calories, making them hungry, so if they ever come to you asking for food, don’t restrict them, as you would be starving them.

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