Cat Food Ingredients – Know What You Buy

You look at the brand labels, the ingredients, the advertisements, but do you really know what they all mean and what they actually contribute in cat food? Before you purchase any more cat food, know what each ingredient contributes, so that you know what you are buying.

Brands usually boast how great their food is by using difficult ingredient terms that the average consumer would not know, so that their product can sell themselves without the product having a big benefit compared to food that costs significantly less that may be more healthier or better.

What Do They Mean?

The most common ingredients are listed below.

  • Corn Gluten – Contributes to the protein portion of the meal. Isn’t “healthy” but doesn’t negatively affect your pet either. Can contribute to your pet’s protein portion of the meal quite well, since the price for this isn’t high.
  • Ground Whole Grain Wheat – Also contributes to the protein portion of the meal. Is considered “healthy” and we highly recommend that you get food with this ingredient as the protein provider instead of corn gluten if possible. However, it is a bit more costly compared to corn gluten, but is a lot healthier.
  • Flaxseed/Ground Whole Grain Corn – Contributes to the carbohydrate portion of the meal. Flaxseed is kind of like rice grains that we eat while ground whole grain corn is more like corn in our meals. There isn’t really a preference, but flaxseed is known to come in better quality than whole grain corn.
  • Fish/Soybean Oil – Contributes to the fat portion of the meal. Both are equally are healthy and are healthy types of fat. We do not recommend getting cat food that don’t specify what type of fat it is using, because most likely it will be using animal fat that is cheaper and unhealthy. Instead, get the ones that clearly marks the type of fat and uses one of these two ingredients.

Some lesser known ingredients are listed below.

  • Liver – This ingredient contributes to both Vitamin A & D. Is quite healthy because of the vitamins it provides for your pet. We recommend getting cat food with quite a bit of vitamin providing ingredients in it to make your pet live a longer time in healthy condition.
  • Vegetable Oils – This ingredient contributes to Vitamin E+C. The opposite of Animal Oil, this type of oil is healthy and we recommend that you get cat food with this ingredient in it. However, vegetable oil is a bit harder to harvest and therefore will be more expensive. We still recommend that you get cat food with vegetable oil in it as it is a lot more healthier.
  • Eggs – This ingredient contributes to Omega 3+6 and Phosphorus. These are minerals that are used by the cat’s body to keep the body healthy and live longer, so we recommend that you get cat food with eggs in it. However, make sure the eggs are from free range chickens and organic, as the ones that are farmed in bad conditions won’t provide much minerals and will end up being expensive for no reason.


It is important to know what the ingredients inside of your cat food contribute to, so that you can feed your cat, food that is healthy while saving you money from brands that charge high for no reason. Study up on the benefits and recommendations above and make sure your cat eats healthy food without you breaking the bank!

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