Cat Litter Box End Table Buyer’s Guide 2018

A litter box is essential if you want to keep your cats from leaving waste all around your house. However, the average litter box looks terrible and out of place in a house due to its weird design and shape. Since it obviously looks like a litter box, it’ll look the look and obtain criticism from visitors. On the other hand, if you use a cat litter box end table, you’ll get a litter box that looks like furniture that goes next to a couch to act like a tabletop.

Not only will the end table look good, but it will be a fully functional litter box. You will have to purchase a litter box to place inside the box itself, but once you do so, everything else will fall into place. Most of the products we will be reviewing below come with walls that don’t absorb moisture, allowing you to wipe down the walls to remove waste if your cat misses the “spot.”

If you have any sense or eye out for design and modern looks, then an end table should be one of the first things in your list to get if you currently have a simple litter box sitting next to your nice looking furniture. Read our cat litter box end table reviews below and choose the one that fits you the best! Here’s a guide to look at if you want to see what size you should get your end table to fit the furniture you own.

Top 3 Cat Litter Box End Tables

Below, we will be reviewing 3 products that we highly recommend you take a look at if you are interested in purchasing one for your home and for your cat today. As these aren’t cheap, it is recommended that you take a closer look and see which one fits you the best, as in our experience, each box lasts for upwards of several years.


1.) ecoFlex Litter Loo, Litter Box Cover/End Tablebest cat litter box end table

If you don’t have time to read through our reviews and want to choose the one that has worked out the best for us, then we highly recommend the ecoFlex litter box end table. 

Throughout the tens of products that we have tried out so far, ecoFlex was definitely the best cat litter box end table due to a few reasons. One was the build quality. If you see this product in person, you’ll be able to see that the quality is very high and the developers of this product has dedicated a lot of resources and time to make sure that the quality is as it is. The wood finishes on the side as well as the texture inside to prevent moisture absorption are all thought off when considering quality.

Another thing we like about this product is the color. It is a litter box in the end, but it does also function as furniture and color has a lot of things to do with furniture. There are four different colors that come with this product: Antique White, Espresso, Grey, and Russet. Out of the four colors, we think that Espresso is the best one. Although the price of this one is the highest out of all of the ones we are reviewing below, it is the best, so if you can dish out just a few more bucks, we highly recommend that you get this one.

2.) Merry Products Nightstand Pet House/Cat Litter Box Cover

The Merry litter box end table is the next product that we recommend because of its simplicity and elegancy when it comes to design. It’s smooth finish on the outside and the unique finish on the inside allows you to easily clean the inside if your pet likes to pee on the walls or leave waste plastered to the walls of its litter box. On the top of the box, you’ll be able to use a cabinet that you can use to store anything you wish, alongside a counter top that lies on top of the cabinet that you can also use.

Although these boxes will require a bit more construction than the standard litter box that works out of the package, it is fairly easy to setup. The instructions for this product are also quite clear and the box itself is also made to be easily constructed as well. You should be up and running in under 30 minutes if you follow the directions and have a bit of a general sense of what you are getting into. Although this product is still in the upper range of the quartile, a few bucks underneath the first product, we recommend it if you are interested in its simple design.

3.) Etna Cat Kitty Litter Hide Away End Table Cabinet Box

Thought a bit cheaper, the Etna end table litter box has a few drawbacks which is why we recommend this product third on this list. Although it functions just like any other litter box, it has an entrance in the front in the shape of a cat. Although it is a great idea and looks great, it is bad in terms of functionality because it will make it hard for your pet to enter the box due to the weird shape of the cat cutout in the front. It also has ventilation on the sides in the shape of paws which is also not a bad idea, but is bad in terms of functionality because if your pet pees sideways, then everything will go outside without a filter to protect it.

However, it is still recommended because it simply looks great with your furniture. As it comes in a simple white color, you’ll be able to match it with many modern house designs. Overall, we recommend this product if you are looking to save a bit of money, get something that looks good with your current furniture layout, and don’t carry too much about the comfort of your pet. After all, they will only use it two to three times a day anyway, so the design aspect might be a bit more important for some people.


In the end, it is up to you to decide which one fits your needs the most. For us, the first product we recommended, the ecoFlex end table, was the best cat litter box end table for us. For you, it may be different, so feel free to look around and make sure to read our reviews above to find the perfect fit for you. If you want to see which cat litter box to buy to place inside of this end table, then check it out here.

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