Ultimate Cat Litter Buyer’s Guide 2018

Without the help of high quality cat litter, your house will always be smelling of the waste that your cat will produce. This isn’t great for two reasons. The first being that your house will always smell bad for your visitors and they won’t like coming to your house just because of the smell. The second being that the smell is actually chemicals floating around that came out of the waste which is bad for your health.

This is why you should be investing into a high quality litter box with cat litter made of healthy and natural ingredients that will both absorb the waste and smell. If the product that you purchase cannot absorb both the waste and the smell and leaks the waste through the pan or box, then that litter isn’t very great and you should consider changing it.

Top 3 Cat Litter

Cleaning the cat litter box
Cleaning the cat litter box

As there are a lot of types of cat litter available as well as a lot of types of cat litter pans and boxes available, we will go through all the different types and explain the benefits of each throughout this guide. We recommend that you get the best litter possible for your cat as it will mean keeping your house smelling nicer and having your cat feel more comfortable while going to use the litter box.

Types of Cat Litter

As there are a variety of cat litter available to purchase depending on the type that you need, we recommend that you choose one for your litter that fits your household environment and pet. Since some pets enjoy comfier cat litter and some enjoy very absorbent litter, getting the right one is essential to your cats happiness.

With some being able to absorb most of the waste and some not being able to absorb most and letting it leak down to the bottom of your pan or box, it is important that you check the absorbency of the litter that you will be purchasing. Since the premium options usually have better absorbency than the cheaper options, getting the premium options rather than the cheap options is essentially better in the end because it will mean less work for you with better satisfaction for your pet and the smell of your house will be a lot better.


This kind of cat litter is the best out of all the kinds because it is able to absorb most of the litter without allowing the waste to leak to the bottom. As this also clumps when waste touches it, you can also clean the waste along with the litter easier because the clumps will be together and not falling apart. This can also allow you to not have to use as much litter since you will be taking less litter out of the box that hasn’t been used since the litter that has been used will be clumped up and the litter that hasn’t been used will be separated.clumping cat litter

On the market, clumping cat litter are often a bit more expensive because the litter itself are a bit better quality than the others. However, it may be more worth it to purchase clumping cat litter instead of the normal litter because you will be able to use it for a longer period of time and because you will also reduce the amount of litter that you will be throwing away that hasn’t been touched by the waste. Even though it may be a bit more expensive, it is a lot more cost-effective than the cat litter that doesn’t absorb the waste very well and makes the litter stick to the sides and bottom of the pan or box.

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As this will cause you to clean out the litter pan more often, it will require more maintenance on your part than with clumping cat litter. In the end, if budget isn’t that much of a problem for you, then getting this type of cat litter will be more effective in saving your time, money, and give your cat more comfort while going to the litter box. It is also important to note that cats gets potty trained faster to the litter box if they have litter that is comfortable to sit on.

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Double Duty

This kind of cat litter is very effective if you have cats that product waste that have very strong odors. With some cat litter, some urine and feces odor might not be absorbed completely and the smell might get out. However, with double duty cat litter, you can even get the worst smells absorbed. With this type, you also don’t get as much dust as other types since you are dealing with heavy litter rather than the light ones that the average comes with.

Double Duty is also a kind of litter that is meant for the bigger cats, as they often have bigger waste and need more litter and absorbency. As this type often comes a lot cheaper than the clumping kind, if you have a bigger cat, then this type can fit you since you can use a lot more of it with a cheaper price even if cleaning up the mess can be a bit more difficult.

Recycled Paper

If you are running short on money or don’t want to use the litter that can clump or absorb, then this type of litter is recommended. With the use of recycled paper, pellets are made which can absorb both waste and smell which is essential for litter. As they also don’t produce as much dust as other products because of its main ingredient, paper, your house won’t be cluttered with dust as some of the other types of litter bring.recycled paper cat litter

Since having a lot of dust in your litter can cause the smell to go around the house, recycled paper is a good option if you want the smell to stay inside the pan or box and not the entire house. It is also a good option if you are looking for litter that can come at a cheaper price in large quantities since recycled paper is a bit more approachable than clay or corn since it is recycled.

Pine and Corn

Using natural ingredients such as these can be very beneficial to both the health of your pet and the smell of your home. As these ingredients make very good materials to be placed inside pellets to be used as cat litter, they make excellent litter that can absorb moisture and smell almost instantly. As these are also natural ingredients, they don’t produce much dust which can keep the smell from floating around the house.

Since these come from the earth itself, you can also recycle this litter without having to worry about it being not recycled properly. So with this type of litter, you get completely absorbent pellets, low dust rate, and recyclable waste with an affordable price that isn’t expensive.

Litter for Multiple Cats

If you have multiple cats use one litter box, then using the average cat litter won’t cut it out for most group of cats. That is why, you need to find litter that is made to handle lots of cats at once. These types of cat litter are made so that the waste dries and gets absorbed fast and removes the smell that often the waste leaves once one cat finishes using the box. This smell is often despised by the other cats, with some occasions where other cats won’t use the box at all.

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If you have cat litter, you need a container to store everything right? There are a few choices that you can choose from including a pan, a box, and an automatic option if you choose to get a more premium option.

As each has its own advantages and disadvantages, we will be going over them in this section of the guide so that you can choose the best container for your cat litter. With some containers being cheap and some being incredibly expensive for the features they bring, it is incredibly important that you see what you need and purchase the right container accordingly.

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These types of cat litter containers are the lowest price so if you are on a tight budget, getting a cat litter pan might be the best choice. As this type of container is made with plastic and not in a particular design at all, it won’t take up a lot of space in your home. However, if you are looking into getting a colorful container that will spark up the design in your home, then a pan might not be for you unless you get a specifically designed one or a custom designed one to your liking.cat litter pan

There are also cat litter pans that are a bit on the premium side that are a bit well built than the cheaper pans that are made of plain plastic. These have full enclosures so that the dust cannot go out unless the door is open and not closed. This type is recommended if you have a bit more money to bring out to purchase this kind and if you also want a litter pan that can last a longer time.


These types of cat litter containers are often most used because of the enclosure they have. This will help users not have to clean up messes that may have spilled over the side of the enclosure which usually happens cat litter boxwith the pans. As these are more enclosed, cats will have to lay their waste inside the box instead of around it which makes for easier cleaning.

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However, some of these boxes don’t have fully enclosed areas so the dust might get out but if you get a premium quality type of cat litter, the smell won’t be the problem. As these boxes are a bit more bigger and stylish as well compared to the pans, they are a bit more expensive than the pans.


These types of cat litter containers are the most premium kinds that you can get. With the container automatically replaced the layers of used litter with a fresh new coat, you will have to almost never replace the litter yourself. All you have to do on your part is manage the area and see if there are any problems and keep replacing the empty bag of litter if it ever becomes empty.

As the automatic cat litter containers are a lot more expensive than the pans or boxes, they should only be bought if you don’t want to touch the litter box at all or want to keep your distance from the box. Because this premium option will self-maintain itself, you will almost never have to touch or interact with it, although you will have the high price tag to pay.


As there are so many options available when it comes to cat litter and cat litter containers, it may be hard for you to choose the right one for your pet. Below, we will be recommending some products that you may like to look into for the best cat litter for you.

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The Best Cat Litter

Even though there are cheap and premium options, there is one cat litter that we recommend above all others, regardless of its price.

As this cat litter has the best ingredients and features above all the other cat litter, we highly recommend this litter to you if you are planning to purchase cat litter for your pet.

1.) Cat’s Pride Natural Scoopable Cat Litter Jug

When you are looking for which cat litter to buy, there are certain things that you should look out for. These include the smell and whether the cat actually likes the litter or not. If you do not use the right litter, cats tend to pee outside the litter box instead of inside which will cause you to have to spend more time cleaning up after the pet.

However, Cat’s Pride Natural Cat Litter is one that is unscented and has low levels of dust, which makes it perfect to use as litter. The low levels of dust makes it easier to use with hypoallergenic cats and the unscented feature of this litter allows the litter box to smell a bit better than the scented ones that makes the litter box smell bitter.

Overall, the price and features of this litter brand is great and the quality that goes alongside the features are great as well. We highly recommend this product if you are looking to purchase cat litter for your cat.


The Best Cheap Cat Litter

With some people not being able to afford premium cat litter, there are some cheap options that you can also get that is still of high quality. Although these may not be as high quality as the premium options, they still aren’t bad and are suitable for most pets and homes.

Most of the cat litters below are the cheap types and aren’t clumping because this type is a bit more expensive so you can expect to find the cheaper types of cat litter instead of the expensive types as that is what makes up most of these prices.

1.) Arm & Hammer Double Duty Litter – 40 Lbs

Although even this product may be a bit on the expensive side for some people, it is great to get if you can get it as its value is immensely good. With half the price as the best option but twice the size, you can get a longer lifetime value of this product while still maintaining high quality materials that is used inside the litter.double duty cat litter

As the odor that leaks out of waste is absorbed by the litter as soon as it hits, you won’t smell the waste coming out of the pan or box as it will stay inside the litter. Since this product is also 99% dust-free like the best option, the smell that usually comes from waste-absorbed dust won’t be around the house and will stay directly inside the pan. So if you are sensitive to smell going throughout your house from your cat, then you won’t have to worry as the Double Duty type will absorb even the toughest waste smell.

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2.) Feline Pine Original Cat Litter

This type of cat litter isn’t the best as the litter doesn’t clump as well but falls apart easily but is still recommended if you have a budget that you would like to keep. feline pipe cat litter

Since it is made directly from pine, there are almost no dust that will be floating around and you will also get to recycle everything that comes out of the litter box that is used. This is incredibly helpful if you are keep in helping the environment and recycling is a very important task for you.

Since pine is a natural ingredient, all the harmful chemicals that may come out of waste will also be direct absorbed so that your pet won’t get any bacterial infections if they constantly stay on the cat litter. As this is a common issue with some cat litter that doesn’t absorb poisonous or harmful waste, having the pine absorb everything is a helpful feature.

3.) Tidy Cats Brand Non-Clumping Cat Litter

With less dust than most options available, you will have almost no smell in your house at all with this cat litter. Although its very cheap price along with its 20 pound bag is a very good deal, it still comes with a lot of features that makes it a good purchase. With a deodorizing system that helps eliminate smell quickly, you can enjoy the odorless home even with your pet laying waste constantly.tidy cats cat litter

Although this product comes with great features and a cheap price, its quality isn’t that great. As the absorbency rate is low and you will experience litter clumping to the sides and bottom of the pan or box, you will have a lot of manual work to do. If this manual work is worth the small amount you will be paying for, then it is recommended that you get this product. However, if the manual work isn’t worth it, then getting a bit of a expensive option with less manual work might be better for you.

Cat Muzzle

If you have cat litter under control, we suggest that you look into cat muzzles, as these come into handy when your cat starts to act up and decide to start bad habits. The reason this is bad is because unlike humans, cats have a harder time getting rid of habits than humans. So when you see your cat start to develop a bad habit of biting, we suggest that you try and get rid of it as soon as possible, or else you will have a pet cat that has a bad biting habit.

For this, we recommend a cat muzzle for biting, as with this, you’ll be able to remove the habit much easier than any other expensive training session. When your cat starts to show its biting habits, put the cat muzzle on your cat and then wait a few minutes until it settles down. This will let the cat know that you have placed the muzzle on it because of its bad habit. After a few more times of this, your cat will realize that what it is doing is wrong and that a bad penalty will follow whenever it does it, so it will eventually break this habit.

As these aren’t that expensive, we recommend that you have one just in case, as having it in hand when it starts to develop the habit is a good idea. Since safety is a huge issue with cats, we recommend this strategy in ALL homes.

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The best types of cat litter are the ones that are easy to clean, odor-less, and safe for the pets. If the brand that you wish to purchase from has all of these built-in, then it is the perfect type of cat litter for you. However, some products may not be as trustworthy as they may sound, so use common sense to spot out the ones that fake their features, or use our recommended products.

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