How Do Cat Water Fountains Work?

Are you looking into getting a cat water fountain because of how simplified your life will become with one, but you don’t know what it works?

Luckily, this article will explain everything about the process of a cat water fountain, so that you can be more sure of what you are purchasing and if something isn’t working right with your fountain, you will know which process is messed up and which section has to be fixed.

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Process of a Water Fountain

The process is fairly simple. The water will go from the tank through the filter, through the “river,” and back through the filter to the tank. This process will ensure that any water that is inside the tank at a still motion will be clean of any bacteria, as the water will be filtered before going in or out of the tank. If dirty water is still inside the tank, bacteria can easily grow inside, so it is important that the filters are well managed and replaced every once in a while.

The filter that processes the water coming out the tank is commonly made of carbon, so you’ll have to purchase replacement filters of this type when you start to run out, as it is an important step of the water fountain process.

Next, the water will flow through the “river” which is basically the path that the water goes in which your cat can drink water out of. At the end of the river, the water is most likely contaminated from the inside of the cat’s mouth, so the water will go through another filter before the water gets sent back into the tank for storage.


Now that you know the process, go get a cat water fountain now, so that your pet will be able to get clean, fresh water without having to wait for you to replace the bowl every time.

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