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Water isn’t as hard to maintain than feeders as it doesn’t require precise measurements and such. However, if you aren’t into washing dishes, then chances are more likely that you won’t like washing and filling up your pets water bowl either because they are both so similar!

With the use of a water fountain, you won’t have to replace your pet’s water for days because everything will be stored in a tank where the water will be filtered until there is nothing left! A flowing, gushing stream of water is something that attracts pets and makes them drink more!

See some more systems that will automate the time-consuming parts of your pet-caring lifestyle!

How to maintain a cat water fountain

Growing a cat is much easier than dogs because you no longer have to worry about potty training your pet or deal with an over-excited dog. However, there is still one task that you have to do every single day and that is replacing your cat’s water inside its bowl every single day.… Read on

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When you purchase a brand new cat water fountain, you might’ve noticed that it came with a water filter (usually with the higher-end models or popular models). The problem with these however, is that they are not the best quality and tend to drop in terms of “filtering” the water and may allow bacteria to …

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