Why Do Cats Cough Up Hair Balls?

If you have been with your cat for awhile, then you might’ve noticed the strange activity of your cat coughing out hair balls. These hair balls look like crumpled up pieces that are roughly 99% made of hair with the rest being spit and other misc pieces from the stomach.… Read on

Why Do Cats Stare At Me?

If you have a cat, then you might have come across this scenario before. After having a filling snack, your cat goes to lay down on its cat bed. But before that, it goes to its cat water fountain and gulps down a bit of water.… Read on

Why Do Cats Twitch In Their Sleep?

cats twitch in their sleep

If you have ever looked at your cat while they are sleeping, you might’ve seem sometimes twitching. As it always doesn’t happen, it may look like your cat might just not be feeling well, or might be having a dream. So, why do cats twitch in their sleep?… Read on

Packaging Standards for Dog Food

Whether you are planning on building your own dog food brand or are looking to sue a company for not following USDA standards, knowing the packaging standards for dog food is important.

Knowing these standards will allow you to safely consume pet products for your pet without ever being in a place of risk because the brand doesn’t follow USDA packaging standards for safe packing.… Read on

What is Big Cat Rescue?

From the countless number of organizations that help support wildlife, Big Cat Rescue is one that stands out from the crowed.

This organization is one that helps to end private possession and distribution, through selling and other related sales channels, of exotic cats.… Read on

Best Catio Enclosures 2018

If you own a cat and don’t want it destroying your home then it might be a good idea to get a catio enclosure. This is because a catio will be able to enclose your pets outside without letting it be exposed to dangerous animals.… Read on

Why Does My Cat Bite Me For No Reason?

If you have a cat that bites you while you are playing with your pet or are doing something with your pet, then it might not be a big of a problem as you think…

Everyone loves their pets but the one thing that you would hate is if your pet shows vicious actions that would cause harm to you and your family and biting is a common problem that most households face.… Read on

Top 9 Cat Breeds for Kids

As a parent either wanting to get a cat or already has one it is important to make sure, both the cat and kids get along. There are many different breeds and some are better with children than others, which is why we will explore the top 9 breeds with almost guaranteed assurances that they will be best friends.… Read on

Best Garage Heaters 2018

If you have a garage that is clean and well setup and you don’t use it to park your car, then you can turn it into a playroom for your cat. Although cats like compact, cozy locations to live in, it is a lot safer and much more comfortable for you to take care of your pet if you give it a designated space in.… Read on

Best Turtle Aquarium 2018

If you are planning to keep a pet turtle or if you already have one, but you are growing it very simply, then you should consider getting a turtle aquarium. By using a turtle aquarium, you’ll be able to keep the water filtered, let your turtle go into the water and swim whenever it wants to, and give it an island where it can sleep and walk around in.… Read on