Transition of Blog Name

For quite some time now, 8 months to be exact, our blog/site has been operating under the name of “Cat Litter Expert.” However, due to the changes at our facility and volunteering stations, we now are helping and are dealing with many other animals and we would like to add some of our knowledge to our site.… Read on

Best Cat Beds of 2018

Cats love sleeping even more than we do, which means that giving them a better bed will benefit them a lot more than just a plain pillow or a fluffy mattress. This is why you should consider getting your pet a cat bed, as it will give them a much comfortable bed to sleep on, as well as give them somewhere to stay when they are bored.… Read on

Top 5 Best Gifts for Cat Lovers of 2018

If you don’t personally own a cat, then thinking of the perfect gift idea for your friend who is a cat lover may be a difficult task. That’s why we have done the hard work for you and have narrowed down to a few gift ideas that we think are perfect for your family and friends who may love cats to death.… Read on

How We Review & Test Products

As we add more and more content on our site, we decided that it would be a good idea to add a post on how we test and review each individual product, since there is so many to test. As our full time job is working at our┬ápet facility, we have a lot of time to test out these products as taking care of these pets is our job after all, and the company pays for all the products we review, since they support us seeing which product makes work more efficient for us.… Read on

How to Talk to Your Cat

Every person wonders this every now and then, what is my cat thinking? Am I treating my pet correctly? Am I doing the right thing? Why is my pet meowing? Is it because it’s hungry or is it because it needs some more love?… Read on