How to Choose a Cat Brush

If you have made the decision to use a cat brush to keep your pet safe and at the best possible health condition possible, then you now have to know how to choose the right cat brush for your pet. You may have thought that you just have to find a cat brush online or a retail location, purchase it, and be good to go.… Read on

How to Make a Cat Brush

If you aren’t ready to make the jump and purchase a cat brush to help keep your pet’s hair straight, then making your own might be a good idea. This is a good way to make sure that a cat hair brush is right for your cat and a good way to find the length that fits your pet the most without having to test out several products.… Read on

Why You Should Brush Your Cat Regularly

Brushing your cat isn’t an easy task, especially if you have a cat that has long hair or is a stubborn one that hates being brushed or if you have been using cat brushes that are aren’t fit for your pet.… Read on

How to Brush a Cat Without Getting Scratched

If you have tried to brush your cat before, then you must know how much your cat struggles. This struggling often results in the cat running away, jumping to a high location away from your reach, or you getting scratched. As your pet doesn’t know that you are trying to help and remove curls as well as excess hair, it will simply run away because brushing is considered an activity that is “annoying” in the same line as bathing.… Read on

How to Use a Cat Brush

If you have just purchased a cat brush and you thought that brushing your cat was just as easy as brushing your hair, then you are in for a surprise. Brushing your cat isn’t as easy as brushing your hair because your cat will most likely not stay calm and the hair will be tangled to the point where it is almost impossible to go through a patch of hair without your brush getting caught in the hair.… Read on

Best Cat Brush For Shredding 2018

Everyone can relate to the one problem that is one of the hardest to handle, cat shredding. When a cat starts to shed hair, it will start to go everywhere, including your food, water, any anything that is out in the open.… Read on

Ultimate Cat Brush Buyer’s Guide 2018

It sucks to have cat hair flying all over your house settling on your couch, your dressers, your clothes, and sometimes even on your food. This is because cats shed their hair like humans shed their old skin cells to replace it with new ones.… Read on