Cat Litter Box End Table Buyer’s Guide 2018

A litter box is essential if you want to keep your cats from leaving waste all around your house. However, the average litter box looks terrible and out of place in a house due to its weird design and shape. Since it obviously looks like a litter box, it’ll look the look and obtain criticism from visitors.… Read on

Advantages to Using an Automatic Cat Litter Box

If you own a cat, then you must know the annoying parts about owning a cat. One being that you must feed your pet at regulated intervals throughout the day and another being that you must clean up after your pet, as it cannot clean up itself.… Read on

How to Prevent Cat Litter Box Problems

Are you having cat litter box problems, where your pet may not be using it properly, avoiding it, or making a mess? These are all problems that can be solved by simple adjustments, so read on to see how you can solve these problems today.… Read on

3 Reasons Why Cats Urinate Outside The Litter Box

There are a variety of mixed factors that contribute to the reason as to why cats urinate outside the litter box. But one of the main reasons is because of something that happened before that caused them to do this once, twice, then became a habit which is why they constantly do it regardless of what you do to stop it.… Read on

Best Kitty Litter Box 2018

It is important to purchase and have your kitten trained to a litter box earlier on when its a baby rather than training it later on when it becomes older. This is because the cat will have basic training in place and will be used to using a litter box by the time it grows into a full grown cat.… Read on

Best Cat Litter Pans of 2018

Having cat litter that doesn’t smell, stick, or is made of D-grade quality materials is great, if you have a great container to store it. If you have a cat litter pan that isn’t made of high quality materials and is very uncomfortable to use for a cat, then the expensive, quality grade cat litter you just purchased just went to waste.… Read on