Keeping it Clean With a Cat Litter Mat

If you are currently using a litter box to help gather your pet’s mess, then you must know how dirty and cluttered it gets around the litter box. This will cause dust to rise up in the air and cause the smell that got trapped in the dust to spread around the room where your litter box is placed.… Read on

What is a Blackhole Cat Litter Mat?

If you have been on the lookout for a decent cat litter mat, then you might’ve come across some products that advertise themselves as a “blackhole” litter mat. These types of mats are a bit different than the average mat because of their ability to suck the cat litter out of the cat’s paws and place it beneath the surface.… Read on

Ultimate Cat Litter Mat Buyer’s Guide 2018

Everyone hates it when they see cat litter tracking all around the house, since it gets on the couch, the dresser, your clothes, and sometimes even your food! Some people may say cat hair being everywhere is worse, but in our opinion, it’s the cat litter flying around because it contains a trapped odor of the waste.… Read on