PetEdge Soft Paws Restraint Cat Air Muzzle II Review 2018

In one of our previous guides, we have reviewed the PetEdge Cat Air Muzzle and get it a glowing review because it was in fact, amazing for its price and value it brings to the table.

However, we felt like we didn’t shed enough light on this product to give it the attention it really deserves, which is why we have decided to write an individual product review (we don’t do it often, only for special products).… Read on

Cat’s Perspective to Cat Muzzles

As pet owners, we have always thought of this at least once, what is my pet thinking when I place this cat muzzle on the cat?

Through extensive research and experience, we have figured out exactly what cats are thinking when these muzzles that they hate are placed on them.… Read on

Best Cat Muzzles for Grooming 2018

Whether you a professional groomer who does it commercially, or whether you a hobbyist that likes to save money and do it right at home, you will have experienced the pains of grooming a cat without anything to calm or keep the cat still.… Read on

Best Cat Muzzles for Biting 2018

The primary reason for bad biting habits is due to the owner not restricting the habit at an earlier age. This makes the pet accustomed to biting and eventually make the biting habit become so bad, that it cannot be cured without a lot of money spent on training and special tools.… Read on

Ultimate Cat Muzzle Buyer’s Guide 2018

The dream of having a cat that would be playful and calm can’t be achieved if a cat decides to scratch and be dangerous to both furniture and humans. As a cat’s nails and teeth are sharp and will cause damage if inflicted on the right spots, it is important that you keep the pet in check, to make sure that it doesn’t do serious damage.… Read on