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Remember what we all played on the playground when we were younger because we didn’t have any phones or computers to play video games on? Remember how when we were bored, we begged to go play with our friends at the playground?

Just like that, cats feel the same way. Cats are left alone for sometimes more than 8 hours a day on average due to jobs and lifestyles of many people and even though they seem like boring pets, they do have a sense of entertainment needs.

A cat tree can provide just that for cats as cats are normally, naturally tree habitat animals. Being able to jump around without knocking over anything will be both a blessing for you and your cat, so check out the trees we have reviewed below and try them out! It will make a huge difference for your pet.

Best Cat Tree Under $50

Usually when you think of a cat tree and you have experience with purchasing pet goods, then you should know that cat trees are usually over $50. This is mostly because a cat tree is a pretty big structure, much like how a kid’s playground structure is fairly expensive.… Read on

Best Cat Scratchers of 2018

Cats are some of the cutest, kindest and most playful pets out there, offering hours of entertainment and companionship. The only downside to the joyful felines is that they like to scratch things while playing, which can result in a lot of broken things if you’re not careful.They scratch things in order to give them …

Best Cat Tree with Leaves 2018

Yes, there are many different types of trees for cats, but they have one thing in common that you would not expect, they don’t have leaves. However, in this review, we will be discussing several of the best cat trees that look like trees, since there will be leaves on them.… Read on

Best Cat Tree for Small Spaces 2018

You may be living in a small rented room or you may keep your pet in a small room, but whatever the case, you need the best cat tree for small spaces. In this review, we will discuss all the possible solutions for your needs for a smaller product, since it is more compact and …

Best Cat Tree with Hammock 2018

If you have been looking for the best cat tree with hammock, then you have come to the right place. In this review, we will talk about several different types of products with the hammock already built-in, so that you can have an easier decision when looking for the right product.… Read on

Best Cat Trees 2018

Just like how we get bored when we stay home with nothing to do, cats also get bored when they are left alone at home. Sure, there are toys to play with and food to eat, but what cats do in their leisure time is jumping on trees and staying high above everything else.… Read …