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We love scratching our backs thanks to the flexibility of our arm joints. But the only way cats can scratch their backs is if you can somehow communicate with your cat and locate it to scratch it for them, or if your pet chooses a surface to rub its back against.

However, most surfaces aren’t rough enough to be able to provide a satisfying scratch. This is why we recommend you get a scratcher as it will help your cat get all the scratches and feel comfortable. Some trees will come with scratchers so watch out for those if you want a two in one special.

Best Cat Scratchers of 2018

Cats are some of the cutest, kindest and most playful pets out there, offering hours of entertainment and companionship. The only downside to the joyful felines is that they like to scratch things while playing, which can result in a lot of broken things if you’re not careful.They scratch things in order to give them …