Why Do Cats Cough Up Hair Balls?

If you have been with your cat for awhile, then you might’ve noticed the strange activity of your cat coughing out hair balls. These hair balls look like crumpled up pieces that are roughly 99% made of hair with the rest being spit and other misc pieces from the stomach. This leads us to the question of… Why do cats cough up hair balls?

why do cats cough up hair balls?

Why do cats cough up hair balls?

Cats cough up hair balls because their gastrointestinal system, such as the intestines and stomach, have amassed pieces of hair that your cat has been swallowing over the years. These pieces of hair eventually all form together to become a hair ball. Because these hair balls can’t be digested easily into waste, it has to be coughed up.

The reason why cats eat hair in the first place is because they have to groom their hair. If you’re a pet owner that doesn’t use a cat brush to help your cat remove excess hair, we highly recommend you do so.

This is because if you don’t help your cat groom, then they will do it themselves with the result being swallowing a lot of the hair that comes out. Since hair, just like humans, die and gets replaced over time, there will be a lot of loose hair.

By grooming, these excess hairs are brushed away and thrown, but by not doing so, the cats will simply eat it and swallow it. This will result in hair balls being formed inside your cat’s stomach to be coughed up painfully in the future once it gets big enough to disturb your cat.

If this becomes too much of a problem your cat may even have to see a vet as bigger cough balls may not be able to be coughed up due to the size of cat’s esophagus.

Last few words…

It only costs a couple of bucks to get a cat brush (see a list of a few we recommend here) and it will also take you a few minutes to brush your cat’s hair every other week. This will help reduce hair balls and will reduce the amount of hair that is flying all around your house. So, if you are ever wondering why do cats cough up hair balls, then the result is because you don’t brush your pet as often as you should!

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