Cat’s Perspective to Cat Muzzles

As pet owners, we have always thought of this at least once, what is my pet thinking when I place this cat muzzle on the cat?

Through extensive research and experience, we have figured out exactly what cats are thinking when these muzzles that they hate are placed on them. If you want to see how we figured this out, check out this book to see how you can communicate with your own cat at your leisure without having to assume or guess.

What they think

There are a few things that go through their tiny minds when this event occurs.

1. Aw, not again!

Since they do store past memories of pain or frustration like how humans keep grudges and hate towards some people, they will remember the time that you put on the tool last time and remember the experiences with it. According to the reason that you put the muzzle on the last time, your pet will remember it and assume that that is the reason that you placed the muzzle on.

2. What did I do wrong?

If the cat is smart enough, it will recognize that it must have done something wrong if you constantly place the muzzle on it after it did something that it wasn’t supposed to do such as biting. This will cause the cat to start to stop doing the habit that caused it to have the muzzle put on him.

3. This is comforting

In reality, you may be worried that it may cause discomfort and make the cat feel frightened, but to animals such as your cat, it will feel comfort and calmness, as covering the eyes can cause these effects to happen. So the next time you place the muzzle on your pet to stop it from doing a certain habit, remember that you are helping it solve a bad habit that will cause more problems down the road that will take a longer time to fix and that it isn’t as uncomfortable as you may think it is.

What you should think

They are animals. Period. Unlike humans, they won’t know that the muzzle is and looks uncomfortable due to their animal-like minds. The moment you place the muzzle on the cat, it will stop moving around and will remain calm, so make sure to do it consistently so that it will break the habit and give you an easier time down the road.

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