Why Do Cats Twitch In Their Sleep?

If you have ever looked at your cat while they are sleeping, you might’ve seem sometimes twitching. As it always doesn’t happen, it may look like your cat might just not be feeling well, or might be having a dream. So, why do cats twitch in their sleep?

Why do cats twitch in their sleep?

The reason why cats twitch in their sleep is because they are indeed, dreaming. A few years ago, scientists did a series of studies to see if animals dreamed like humans did. We obviously have dreams, but do animals dream?

Research indicated that animals do dream and the main reason why cats twitch is due to this. However, you may have realized that cats do not twitch in their sleep all the time. This is because there are two types of sleeping styles that cats incorporate into their lifestyle.

cats twitch in their sleep

Two main types of sleep

  1. Rapid Eye Movement
  2. Non Rapid Eye Movement

These two different types of sleeping causes your pet to either twitch or not twitch while it is sleeping. The first is usually caused by hyper-action dreams while the second is caused my natural dreams that we usually don’t remember.

Just like humans, cats dream like we do. Like how we sometimes dream about pleasant things and sometimes have night mares, cats dream the same way. If they are dreaming about something pleasant, they will probably sleep with a non rapid eye movement, or sometimes with rapid eye movement if it is correlated to treats.

However, if they are dreaming about something they don’t like such as a dog chasing them, then rapid eye movement dreaming will occur and you’ll see your cat twitching while they sleep.

So, if you or someone ever wonders about why do cats twitch in their sleep, yuou can tell them that it is because they are dreaming and that something in their dream is making them have rapid eye movement which leads to twitching.

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