How to Choose a Cat Brush

If you have made the decision to use a cat brush to keep your pet safe and at the best possible health condition possible, then you now have to know how to choose the right cat brush for your pet. You may have thought that you just have to find a cat brush online or a retail location, purchase it, and be good to go. However, that’s not the case because each brush is meant for a specific type of cat and if you choose the wrong one, both you and your cat won’t have a good experience.

Whether you have a long haired cat, or a fine haired cat, the brush that you choose depends on the type of your cat. As there are a lot of varieties when it comes to cat skin and hair, there are a lot of factors to think about. Sure, you can use one type of cat brush on any type of cat, but some problems will occur such as you not being able to reach the bottom parts of the hair where most loose hair lies because your cat has long hair and the brush you have is meant for shorter haired cats.

Types of Cats & What to Choose

Below, we will talk about the types of cats there are and what type of brush to choose if you have that type of cat.

Sensitive Skin

If you have a cat that has sensitive skin, then we recommend that you choose a cat brush that is more softer on the edges of the needles of the brush. This will make sure that if you ever happen to touch the skin of your cat with your brush, it won’t be affected as badly. You can also choose the mitt brush option, as this will make it almost impossible for you to get through the hair to the sensitive skin and cause harm to your pet.

Persian Cats

Persian cats¬†are one of the breed of cats with long hair all around it’s body. For this, we recommend that you choose the brushes that come with longer lengths because it will help you reach further down to grab all the loose hair and to get all the curls out. As the hair is longer, your work will be a bit harder, but with the right brush that is meant for longer haired cats, you should have no problem brushing your cat often.

Maine Coon

Maine Coon cats are another breed of cats with long hair as well. The one unique difference of this cat compared to Persian cats is that there is a bit more hair around the neck which makes it a bit difficult to choose the right brush. The best choice would be to purchase two cat brushes to brush the hair around the neck and to brush around the hair on the body separately because of the difference in fur. For the neck hair, we recommend that you get bit of a longer brush or use a comb and for the body hair, we recommend that you get a medium sized brush.

Long Hair

For long haired cats, we recommend that you get longer sized brushes, as it will help you reach down to the bottom to get the loose hair and curls. If you get a shorter brush, you won’t be able to reach down and get the curls and only be able to straighten out the hair on the top. It is important that you straighten the hair on the bottom as well because it will help air circulate better around your cat’s body which is healthier for your pet’s skin.

Fine Hair

For cats with fine hair, it is recommended that you choose a brush that is a bit more shorter, as it will help you go softer without going to deep and harming your pet’s skin. The length isn’t as important here, but rather the technique you use because if you aren’t careful, you can easily push deep and cause damage to your cat’s skin as fine hair isn’t as tough as you think against a brush.

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