A Closer Look At The Pioneer Pet Raindrop Drinking Fountain

It’s not your regular drinking bowl. Not even your average pet drinking fountain. It offers a little bit of both!

The Pioneer Pet Raindrop Stainless Steel Drinking Fountain is a circulating drinking fountain that appeals naturally to both feline and canine pets. It utilizes a replaceable charcoal filter for clean, pure, and refreshing water which is vital for the health of your loyal companions.

Dimensions, Aesthetics and Features

The pet drinking fountain has a capacity of 1.77 liters or 60 oz of moving water. It offers two drinking areas for your favorite furries, the bottom drinking bowl and the top where the water originates. The product has dimensions of 4.25 inches in height, 9.75 inches weight, and 11.75 inches in length.

It has a classy look with the stainless steel finish and design. It also features a slide that gives room for your pets to lick or drink depending on their fancy. This playful option your pets have with the Pioneer Pet Drinking Fountain increases their water intake, keeping them hydrated at all times.

The stainless steel fountain has a muted pump that ensures a continuous flow of oxygenated water for your pets. The charcoal strainer then filters the liquid, getting rid of debris or any other impurities.

The regulated and low voltage UL of the pet fountain establishes safety and protection. It also comes with a six-feet or 1.82m long power cord. It is dishwasher safe, so you won’t have any problems when cleaning the stainless steel.


How The Pioneer Pet Fountain Works

The pet fountain has three parts, namely, the pump and housing, the bottom, and the stainless steel top portion. A small clam-shell carbon filter is enclosed inside the housing.

Water spurts from the top then slowly runs through a stainless slide to the bottom portion of the pet fountain. Your cat or dog can choose between drinking in the upper part, licking the sides, or even sipping from the bottom bowl.

Since the pet fountain only has three parts, it is relatively easy to assemble and take apart, something that comes in hand when cleaning. The sound of the fountain motor is lower than your typical refrigerator hum but gets louder as the water level goes down.

The stainless steel is useful for preventing bacteria buildup and preferable for your pet since contact with plastic parts may sometimes cause skin irritation for sensitive cats and dogs.

However, the pet fountain can be noisy when the water level runs very low. The noise can be a good thing, though, since you will know when it’s time to pour more water. Moving the spout towards the center also helps bring the noise down.

Depending on your pets’ water intake, you might need to refill the water daily or every other day since there is no additional reservoir inside the product.

The Verdict

The Pioneer Pet Stainless Steel Fountain is an excellent find for your pets. You just need to remember some routine tasks to keep it running in tiptop condition. Pour water daily or every couple of days (depending on your pet’s thirst), deeply cleanse the pet fountain once a week and replace the carbon filter every three weeks.

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