Why is Clumping Cat Litter Better?

Do you have a pet cat? Then, you should face more difficulties in removing of urine and feces on cat right!! At more time, it’s can’t able to tolerate of nasty smell because of your pet cat. At such a case, it is better to use clumping cat litter. Why clumping cat litter is better? This is your question right!! Keep continue to read this section to find the reasons. In this section, I’m going to share you about what is clumping cat litter, why it is better to use clumping cat litter? And, the comparison between non-clumping and clumping cat litter.

Why is Clumping Cat Litter Better?

Many cat pet holders use little box also called as a sandbox, cat box, tray to collect indoor urine and feces of a cat. They also use this kind of box for other pet animals such as rabbit and dog too. When it comes to cat box, obviously you will get 2 options such as non-clumping and clumping cat litter.

The purposes of these 2 options are same, but there are a lot of different between non-clumping and clumping cat litter. When you compare these 2 options, it is better to choose clumping cat litter. Prior to sharing the reason, you have to know what is clumping cat litter.

What is clumping cat litter?

The clumping cat litter is nothing but a cat box which is designed to collect urine and feces of cat and remove it from the box easily. With this cat litter, you no need to empty the box while removing kitty’s solid wastage. This kind of cat litter uses some materials to form a solid clump to absorb the liquid.

Comparison between non-clumping and clumping cat litter:

Here, I’m going to clearly explain to you why clumping cat litter is better than non-clumping cat litter in terms of many factors such as cleaning, odor, and health concerns.

1. Easy to clean:

When you use non-clumping cat litter, the liquid wastage of cat is stored on the bottom of the box. So, on the next day morning, you have to dig and remove the clay to clean up the box. It is very hard. But, if you use clumping cat litter, then you no need to remove material used in the cat box and is also uses some techniques to clean the box easily.

2. Odor control

Both non-clumping and clumping cat litter works well to get rid of the nasty odor. Moreover,both don’t require scent to control the odor. The non-clumping cat litter simply masks the odor instead of absorbing it. But, the clumping litter absorbs the odor and didn’t pass it to surroundings. In addition to that, clumping cat litter also uses scent to control the odor.

3. Health concern:

It is very important to consult you and your cat’s health. Both clumping and non-clumping cat litter are made up of some materials. But, you can able to get clumping cat litters that cause only less dust.

Therefore, it is better to buy a clumping cat litter for your pet cat.

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