Drinkwell Platinum Review 2018

If you are on a budget and you are looking for a cat water fountain, then the Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain is the one to go for. With features that are present in pricier products as well as quality that you cannot see in similar priced products, we highly recommend that you take a look at this one if you cannot get any of the other alternatives.

What We Liked

One thing that we liked about this product was that is can store a lot of water. We’re talking about 168 ounces of water that can be recycled using a filter to keep the water fresh for your cat to enjoy. Other products that hold lower quantities of water will make you have to replace the water a lot more because it will get contaminated a lot faster.

Another feature that we liked about this product was that it comes with a replaceable carbon water filter that will help remove the bacteria that will start to grow within the water. If this bacteria isn’t removed with the use of a filter, the water will start to smell and will increase risk of disease within your pet, so we highly recommend that you use the filters along with your water fountain.

Lastly, we recommend that you get this fountain because by doing so, you’re doing yourself a huge favor and saving a lot of your time. As the fountain will circulate the water automatically for you, you won’t have to replace the water bowl every night to make sure its healthy for your pet, as it will already be filtered for you. If you haven’t experienced an automatically filtering water fountain before, you will definitely love this product.


You may not like the price of this product, although it is quite affordable, or you might not like the design. Whatever the case, there is always an alternative and we have the perfect one for you. If you don’t like how only one pet can use the fountain at the time, then you should consider the Drinkwell 360. If you want to read our Drinkwell 360 review, then you can do so by clicking here.

The 360 is a great alternative if you have multiple cats because of the way the water is circulated in a 360 motion. This will allow any of your pets to come from any direction to get water without having to wait for someone to finish before using it for themselves. The water will still circulate and be filtered the same way as you read from our Drinkwell Platinum Review above, but in a different way that more pets can use it. If you are interested, use the link above and read our review.


Keeping a bowl of water for your pet is an important task, although it may come off as a hassle. To get rid of the hassle portion, you can simply get one of the products we recommended above and have an easier time taking care of your pet, as you will no longer have to replace the bowl every morning or night from now on, as the water will be circulated and re-used without growing bacteria inside the water.

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