Encore Cat Food Review 2018

If you are looking for quality, tasty cat food for your pet, then Encore is the perfect food brand for you! By reading our encore cat food review below, you’ll be able to find out all the information you’ll need to know to see if this is the right fit for you.

Before the Review..

We want to say that we use this food ourselves and considering that we have reviewed over a hundred products on our site, the stuff that we use ourselves are definitely one of the best. Although there may be other, better options for you, this brand was the best for us.

As we care incredibly about the quality of the food as well as how the food tastes, we have tried out many different brands to see which one could provide us with what we were looking for. This brand definitely hit the home run for us in this regard.

Encore Cat Food Review

Below, we will be reviewing two different products made by this brand. They have different uses, so make sure that you choose the one that fits your needs the most.

1.) Encore Chicken Selection Cat Pouch in Jelly 5 x 50g

If you are looking for basic, cat food that you can use when your cat is feeling hungry, then this is a good recommendation. It comes inside a pouch that has three different types of food.

  1. Chicken with Chicken Liver
  2. Chicken with Beef
  3. Chicken with Lamb

All three are favorites by all types of cats, especially the younger ones, so try this pouch if you want to test which food your pets like the most and when you have decided which one your pets like the most, simply get a bigger package of that type.

This cat food is unique compared to other cat food. This is because it is made from a formula that includes chicken that is organically grown and is mixed in with a soft jelly to make it easier to eat. If you see your pet eating this food, you’ll see that your pet can chew the food easily and can swallow it easily as well. Other foods may be harder to chew due to lack of moisture and size, but due to the jelly shape of this food, it’ll be easy to eat and digest.

The price of this item is also quite affordable compared to other similar products, so price shouldn’t be a factor when considering to get this brand. As it is made with love, uses high quality ingredients, and is made in a fashion to make it easy to eat, there shouldn’t be a reason you shouldn’t use this! We highly recommend that you try it out today and see the wonderful reaction from your pets.

2.) Encore Chicken and Cheese Cat Food 70 g (Pack of 9)

This item doesn’t have the variety that the product above had, but it does contain more quantity, and a bit more chicken as well. As it has a bewildering 75% of fine, quality chicken, you’ll know that you aren’t getting ripped off. An important thing you need to know that you won’t know except by reading this encore cat food review is that other affordable cat food brands mix in artificial chicken alongside real chicken to reduce costs. However, this brand receives less profit per order which means that they’ll earn less, but you’ll get more quality goods.

This one is very similar to the one above except that it is a Chicken and Cheese flavor instead of the three different types. It also has more quantity as it contains a pack of 9 of 70 g cans of food. It is also recommended that you mix in a bit of dry cat food alongside the encore cat food to ensure your pet has a good, balanced diet.

Overall, the price of this product is quite affordable as well and comes with the same amount of quality that was given to produce the food above as well, so if you only want the best for your pet while not having to dish out tons of money, we highly recommend this brand.


Are you still there after reading our encore cat food review? Don’t worry and go ahead and get one of them today and see the amazing reaction from your pet! The reaction along will get you to get more and more from this brand as pets love the formula that was made by this brand. If you want to check out other cat food brands, then follow the link.

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