Fresh Step Cat Litter Review 2018

Not everyone can afford premium, high quality cat litter meant for the cats that live in Beverly Hills’ houses. However, we still believe that both cats and you deserve quality cat litter at prices that will still allow you to pay your mortgage. This is why we decided to write our Fresh Step cat litter review, as this is a brand that is both quality and budget-friendly. 

Although this brand isn’t up-to-par, in terms of quality, to premium brands like Ever Clean, it still has better odor control and dust control than the cheap, low-quality brands that most people seem to purchase due to the affordability. However, today, you will be able to see why Fresh Step is the best option for you if you are low on budget, but would still like a brand that cares about its quality and features that make it unique.

Cat Litter Review

Fresh Step Multi-Cat with Febreze Freshness

This is the most popular and best cat litter that Fresh Step offers that we highly recommend that you check out. In our review below, you’ll be able to learn about the different aspects about this brand to hopefully make you feel more confident about trying it out. The first step to finding your perfect essential is to first try it out, so give it a go if you’re feeling good about it and tell us how you feel about it!

Quality – Personally, we haven’t seen this type of quality at this price range in a very long time. Back in the days when cat litter was extremely cheap, this kind of quality was easily seen at this price range, but as companies started to use lower and lower quality materials in their cat litter to reduce prices and stay competitive, it has become much harder to find cat litter with good ingredients. Do note that the quality isn’t the best, which should be acceptable since the price is so low, so if you are looking for the best quality cat litter, you should look elsewhere such as Ever Clean.

Features – One of the best features about this cat litter is that it has activated charcoal, which helps eliminate and trap odor as soon as it gets released. This means that as soon as your cat uses its litter box, the smell will be trapped right away, eliminating the chance of the odor leaking out of the litter box and making your room smell foul until the litter box is cleaned. The one bad part about this is that you may never know when your cat used the litter box because you won’t be able to smell it! Maybe it isn’t a bad thing after all! Another great feature is that Fresh Step has a low dust formula. This is especially good with this product because the litter is stored in resealable packs that reduces dust from tracking in the first place. So a combination of low dust with reduction in dust tracking from pouring the litter means close to no dust for you at all!

Price – The best part about this product by far. This product is very budget-friendly and is almost 50% cheaper than premium brands of the similar quantity. You can further reduce the price per pound of this litter by purchasing a bigger size. By going for the 34 pound bag or even the 42 pound bag, you will be saving hundreds of dollars in the long run compared to purchasing the 20 pound bag every time. As cat litter can be stored a very long time, we recommend that you purchase a bigger bag and keep it stored in a safe place to use it for a longer period of time to reduce the hassle of purchasing a new bag and to save money.


What’s better than quality litter at an affordable, budget-friendly price? Not much! We highly recommend that you try out Fresh Step today because if this brand works out for you and your cat, you will be saving a lot of money and will be able to sleep at night knowing that you are using quality litter. We hope that our Fresh Step cat litter review has helped you make a better purchasing decision!

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