Healthiest Cat Food Brands 2018 – Who Wins?

Our family recently just adopted a new baby kitten into our family after caring for a cat that no one wanted at a shelter into one that is loved by everyone who sees her. While taking care of our adopted cat, we went through several different premium brands, as our cat required a special diet to recover from its rough diet while out on the streets. In this review, we will be going over the various brands that we have come across and used, with a final verdict on which brand that we recommend the most out of all the premium, healthy brands that we will be reviewing today.

What makes a brand “healthy?”

When we were looking for brands to try out and purchase, we were mainly looking for brands that were’t too popular, too cheap, used artificial ingredients, corn, and wheat. There are reasons for all of these.

Brands that are too popular should be avoided because this will cause the company to go into mass-production, making it easier for the company to steer the wrong way and start using cheaper ingredients to increase profit margins. This will make the quality of the food go down drastically, making it unhealthy for our cat to consume. On the other hand, brands that are too cheap are using ingredients that are cheap themselves, not holding up to the standards that our family has on feeding our cat.

Additioanlly, if a brand uses artificial ingredients or preservatives in the food, this is a bad sign as this will all contribute negatively towards your pets health. Artifiical ingredients can increase the risk of diabetes and other related diseases drastically in your cat. We definitly do not want this happening to our cat, which is why we aimed to avoid this ingredient.

Lastly, a brand should not have wheat or corn in its ingredients. This is because cat food without wheat simulates what cats would eat normally out in the wild. As cats are meant to live in the wild, this is a good way to make your pet’s diet as natural as possible. Corn should be avoided as well because although a cat can consume and digest corn, it is digested in a difficult way. By reducing the amount of corn inside of the food, this will allow your cat to digest the food much easier.

Brands that we tested and loved

We tested a lot more brands than the ones that you will read about below, but we found no purpose in reviewing them as we would rather use that time to review the ones that we liked. This way, all you have to do is choose one of the brands that we reviewed!

Note that the products below are not in any special order, so if you are looking for the best recommendation, make sure to read our final verdict at the bottom of the page.

Aldi cat food review

Aldi cat food is a healthy brand to consider if you are okay with large portion bags. However, if you keep your pet on a strict diet, then this brand might not be suitable for you, as the food may go stale before you use it all, due to its massive size. However, the food itself is healthy for your pet, as it contains greens that you would fine in a garden as well as a natural fiber blend. There are also no preservatives as well as no synthetic colors, allowing your cat to maintain its natural diet.

The food itself might seem cheap at first because of its larger size (bulk pricing), but when compared to similar brands such as Purina and Hilife, the cost isn’t much different. So, if you are looking to save money on cat food, this isn’t the brand to go for. Currently, it is a bit difficult to purchase Aldi cat food online, so try and find a retail store near you that is offering this product.

Hilife cat food review

Also known as Hi-Tor cat food, this brand is great if you are looking to place your cat in a diet plan. If your cat is looking a bit overweight or is going down the road to diabetes, then switching to Hilife cat food is highly recommended. This food is designed to provide a minimal amount of protein and phosphorus while providing enough calories and other nutrients to keep your pet healthy.

The one con about this product is the cost. It is on the expensive side when compared to the other brands. However, if you purchase the 24-pack, you will be able to save some money and keep the costs at a minimum. But do note that this is recommended for cats that need medical attention and includes ingredients that you wouldn’t normally find in other brands.

Fancy feast cat food review

Fancy feast is a brand under Purina. Although Fancy Feast is a fairly popular brand, we decided to still try it out as it looked to be healthy and average priced. It came with three different flavors and was fairly healthy in our opinion. The food proved to be balanced in nutrition and was complete. It contained all the ingredients we would hope for in cat food and also contained vitamins and minerals as an added bonus to improve the health of our cat.

The price of this product is average priced and comes in 3 oz. cans. We would say that the best part about this cat food is the variety of meat options available. This way, you can see what kind of meat your cat reacts the best with and later on, choose bulk options for that meat variety. Overall, this was a pretty good choice for us and we recommend it for those looking for a popular brand that is healthy.

Authority cat food review

For those of you who hate cleaning their pet’s teeth, this brand is perfect for you. Authority sells dental cleaning cat food, which means that when your cat chews on the food, their teeth will be cleaned. This is possible through a special chemical composition inside the food which allows the teeth to be cleaned safely.

Some other benefits to this brand is that the food is grain free, contains no artifiical ingredients, and is only 2 calories per treat! This will help keep your pet’s diet in check while keeping your pet’s breath and teeth in good condition at all times as well. The price is a bit premium for this one compared to the other brands, but it is well worth it if you consider that you won’t have to worry about brushing your cat’s teeth every again.

4health cat food review

Also known under the brand of Rachael Ray Nutrish, this brand caters to the premium, healthy cat food audience by delivering real meat ingredients alongside other nutrient-rich vitamins and minerals as well. By serving cat food with real chicken and salmon, this cat food can provide your cat with all the calories and protein it will need to grow into a healthy cat.

The food also contains fiber rich lentils and natural probiotics to help with digestion and metabolism alongside berries to help with immunity. This is the ultimate superfood blend for the pet owner who really want the best for their pets. If you are looking for the healthiest cat food brand, this one is it. It does come at a price, but when you factor in how healthy it is, it will be worth it.

Tractor supply cat food review

The brands that Tractor supply carries such as 4health and Breath of the Wild are all great products that we highly recommend that you try out. They all are high in nutrients and contain none or close to none artificial ingredients or preservatives. We highly recommend that you check out Tractor supply if you are interested in purchasing cat food from a different retailer other than Amazon.

Taste of the wild cat food review

Taste of the wild is one of the healthiest cat foods that you can buy. Yes, we have said the same about several other brands that we have listed here, but this brand makes the others look silly. By combining natural meat alongside natural wildlife ingredients such as fruits and veggies, a superfood for cats was created. This means that your cat will be able to digest the food much more easier due to the absence of artificial ingredients and increased fibers.

By choosing one of the two different varieties available, you can choose where the ingredients come from. The unique thing about this brand is that each variety is named after a different river and mountain. All the ingredients that are placed inside the food comes from each of the two locations, showing how transparent the brand is into showing how healthy their cat food is. We highly recommend that you check out this brand if you truly want the best for your cat.

Final Verdict

Ultimately, the best cat food brand is the one you and your cat like the best. The one that fits your budget and the one that fits your cat’s diet is the best food that you can get in our opinion. However, if you want our personal opinion on which cat food is the best, here it is.

We believe that “Taste of the Wild” cat food brand is the best because it combines all the natural ingredients you need in cat food to provide your cat with the ultimate diet. As we saw great success with this brand, we believe it will work great for you too, so we highly recommend that you check it out today and if not, any of the other ones will work great as well!

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