How to maintain a cat water fountain

Growing a cat is much easier than dogs because you no longer have to worry about potty training your pet or deal with an over-excited dog.

However, there is still one task that you have to do every single day and that is replacing your cat’s water inside its bowl every single day. Although this isn’t a hard task, as all you have to do is clean the bowl and fill it up with clean water, it can get repetitive and tiring to do every single day.

To help ease this task, the brilliant cat water fountain was born. This fountain can keep the water flowing inside the fountain to keep the water from getting stale. It also has enough storage to keep the water running for at least a week.

Sounds perfect doesn’t it? No, getting a cat water fountain won’t solve all your problems as now, you have something else to maintain. For some of you, maintaining a cat water fountain might be even more of a task than a bowl because of the fact that it is mechanical.

With our guide, we hope that you will have an easier time maintaining your cat water fountain and free up your time to play with your pet!

Cleaning your fountain

Cleaning the fountain is probably the most important step in maintaining your device. This is because with frequent cleaning, there won’t be any moss or bacteria growing on the machine. As cats can stain and dirty up the water, it is important that you replace the filter every few weeks and completely wash out the fountain itself so that the bacteria cannot go back inside the water.

How do you wash out the fountain? Disassemble the entire fountain, making sure to take out the sensitive machinery that might get damaged by water. If you were lucky and did your research and purchased a fountain that is dishwasher-safe, then simply place all the parts inside your dishwasher and let it do its job.

However, if you purchased a fountain that isn’t dishwasher-safe, then you will have to clean out each individual part with the good old-fashioned sponge and soap. Don’t forget to clean the cracks and crevices as those are the locations where the bacteria like to hide.

We highly recommend that you get disposable filters instead of re-usable ones, even if it will cost you more in the long run. This is because the bacteria or the “grime” that remains after cleaning the filters will harm your pet and will cause the water to get infected every single time. Instead, using disposable filters will make sure that the water is always clean and being filtered.

Replacing the water

The good rule of thumb is to replace the water every week. However, if your fountain says otherwise and recommends that you change the water every certain amount of days/weeks, then we recommend that you follow it.

Replacing the water is important, even if it looks clean, as the filters can only last so long and the water can only stay fresh for so long. By replacing the water tank every few days or weeks, you are ensuring both yourself and your pet that the water is safe. This is an important step in maintaining your cat water fountain as if the water isn’t fresh and clean, your pet will risk the possibility of getting sick.


Maintaining your cat water fountain doesn’t seem like the most fun thing to do. However, it is important that you do so if you want a healthy cat by your side and want to avoid the hassle of changing the water inside your cat’s water bowl every single day. Remember to keep changing the water and make sure to clean your fountain completely including the crevices!

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