How to Talk to Your Cat

Every person wonders this every now and then, what is my cat thinking? Am I treating my pet correctly? Am I doing the right thing? Why is my pet meowing? Is it because it’s hungry or is it because it needs some more love?

There isn’t a language that we can directly learn so that we can talk with our cat’s, but there are some methods that are extremely close. When we go and try and learn a language, we go and learn from a trust able source and that is what I did. I picked up a book called the “Cat Language Bible” and it says that you can learn everything that your cat is trying to communicate with your from A-Z.

So I picked up the book (Since it came with a 60-day money back guarantee) as it looked trustworthy due to the amount of reviews it had saying that it really helped them communicate with their pets. The process just took a few minutes and it wasn’t that expensive as well, since I am now able to communicate with my pet 100% with
out being able to miss a single clue that they are sending me.


I will setup this review in 3 steps.

  1. Results of the relationship between my pet and I after reading and understanding this book
  2. Process after I bought the book
  3. Future I believe I will have in the relationship between my pet and I


Note: It took me around a week after I purchased the book to fully understand what my cat was trying to communicate with me, so it will take some patience and it won’t be a quick, plug-and-go solution. However, with the right amount of reading every day and with just enough practice, you’ll be able to achieve the same if not similar amount of results that I have been able to achieve.

After I have fully understood the Cat Language Bible, I was able to see what I’ve been missing without knowing what the signs were and I was able to take action on that knowledge. Because of this, I was able to avoid my cat fighting against another cat, since I was able to see that my pet was feeling aggressive toward the other cat and withdraw her out of the situation.

I could also ┬átell when my cat was showing affection towards me or when she was telling me that she was hungry, since the actions for each of these signs are different. When my cat was showing affection towards me, I would sometimes give her food instead of giving her the love she wanted in return. Vice versa, I was able to provide food for her when she was hungry and not give her endless tummy rubs she wasn’t looking for at that time.

Finally, I could see when she wanted to be alone and when she wanted to play, since sometimes (according to the cat language bible), she wanted to be by herself and not play with me. At that times, I just let her be until she came back and gave me a sign that she wanted to start playing or that she wanted food.

In the end, the actions that I took on the signs she gave me allowed us to have a deeper understanding of each other and let us bond a lot more deeply. Whenever we played or were together, we could feel this direct relationship and feel one as family.


When I was in the process of purchasing the book from their site, I was so excited that I was finally able to communicate with my pet and know exactly what it wanted of me. Before, I had many times where I was depressed because I felt like I couldn’t do the right thing for my pet and that I was doing everything wrong. I bought this book because for the small investment I was making, I will always be able to tell exactly what my cat is communicating to me about without assuming anything.

After I received my book a few minutes later, I opened it up to see a whole bunch of information staring into my face. At that point, I felt like giving up and requesting a refund due to the sheer amount of information shining in my face, but I decided to go slowly and go step-by-step as I was really determined to do what’s best for my beloved pet.

It was thankfully a day off of work (weekend), so I had the whole day to read through this and by the middle of it, I was overwhelmed with information because there was just so much to take in. But as I read along, I could see the different types of emotions and feelings that my cat was showing me, but I couldn’t read it since I had never touched this language bible.

While I was reading, my cat walked up to me and started rubbing its body on my leg. At this point, I faintly remembered that I had seen this action around the start of the book, so I quickly scrolled upwards and found the exact title, “… cat starts rubbing your leg…” and since it also had the image attached, I could easily make out that the action that was on the book matched what my pet was doing to me. I then read that she is simply showing me friendliness and wants a simple acknowledgement with a soft rub or a pat.

Before, I wouldn’t know this and would’ve went to clear out his litter box or give him some more food, but after reading, I now know that all she wanted was a small acknowledgement of her friendliness.

After this happened, I was very motivated to learn all the actions possible and for the next few days, whenever she came up to me and started giving me a sign, I would turn to the book and find what she was showing and take action right away.

After a week passed, I could make out what she was doing and took action right away without any hesitation, and that improved overtime as my muscle memory took everything in.


A few months has passed by after I had bought this book and I already see some amazing changes. With the upcoming months and years to come, I expect even more changes, and I hope that I can fully bond with my pet for the years to come. I hope that in the future, we can communicate as if we were both human and could speak the same exact language, so that we can become real best friends, even though we already are.

If you want to try out the book yourself, click below and see for yourself if you can close the bond between you and your cat and build a stronger and deeper relationship.

Click here for to see the book yourself.


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