Packaging Standards for Dog Food

Whether you are planning on building your own dog food brand or are looking to sue a company for not following USDA standards, knowing the packaging standards for dog food is important.

Knowing these standards will allow you to safely consume pet products for your pet without ever being in a place of risk because the brand doesn’t follow USDA packaging standards for safe packing.

The reason why USDA is strict on these standards is because if it isn’t enforced, brands will start to exploit this and use ingredients that are cheap and taste good, but aren’t healthy for your pet at all. But, enforcement of USDA regulations will cause companies to not be able to cheat the system, but be expose the ingredients and nutrients on the labeling for complete transparency.

USDA Packaging Standards

These are some of the packaging standards that you’ll be able to find on their site (referenced at bottom of article).

  1. Brands have to submit their label electronically to get approved. Without this approval, brands cannot sell their edible dog food publicly.
  2. Brands have to follow USDA labeling procedures word by word. This includes the position of the label alongside the information on the label such as: calories, ingredients, nutrients, etc.
  3. Claims have to be stated clearly on the packaging. This includes nuts, poultry, and milk.
  4. Instructions for non-food products must be included on the packaging.

If you know these standards, you’ll be better able to create your dog food brand without worrying too much about USDA as you’ll be sure that you are following them. In addition, you can also sue brands for not following these standards as cheating the system and selling dog food without following these standards can lead to a hefty fine.

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