PetEdge Soft Paws Restraint Cat Air Muzzle II Review 2018

In one of our previous guides, we have reviewed the PetEdge Cat Air Muzzle and get it a glowing review because it was in fact, amazing for its price and value it brings to the table.

However, we felt like we didn’t shed enough light on this product to give it the attention it really deserves, which is why we have decided to write an individual product review (we don’t do it often, only for special products).

Reviewthe cat air muzzle

Our Thoughts

First of all, when we first looked at this product, the first thing that stole my attention was its price tag. When compared to the rest of the muzzles available on the market today at only $10 or so, this one seemed to cost way too much.

However, when we started looking into it and seeing its possible uses, we understood why and decided to try it out.

First Experience

After we opened it up and assembled it, it looked pretty nice. The build quality was awesome and it looked like it wouldn’t break, even if a lot of pressure was applied to it.

As one of our pets in our shelter was having biting problems, we decided to use this cat air muzzle instead of the cheap, temporary one we were using that we got on Amazon.

It was very simple to put on, mostly because our cats are trained. It also became noticeable to me that our cat didn’t try to claw its way out of the muzzle. Whether it didn’t because it was already used to its previous muzzle or because this air muzzle isn’t that uncomfortable, we don’t know. But, if the second option was the case, this product solves a very common problem among pet owners as cats constantly try to claw its way out of its muzzle.


After allowing the cat to use the muzzle for a couple of days, we decided to take a look at it to see if there were any damages, scratches, scuff marks, or dents in the plastic. Surprisingly there were none. Not even a single scratch that we often see in plastic since its so easy to get scratches on plastic appliances.

This is one of the reasons why we recommend this product even though its price is very steep, as the quality will help pay itself off multiple times over the years you will be using this product.


Our other muzzle not only prevented the cat from biting, but it also prevented the cat from seeing. Although we didn’t mind, it pained us to be in its shoes and not being able to see anything around it at all. Luckily, this product is an “air cat muzzle” which allows it to see.

This will let your cat see around it while being prevented from biting, just like dog muzzles.

Overall Verdict of the PetEdge Cat Air Muzzle

In the end, the price of the product is what the buyer is willing to pay for it. If you are having problems with your pet and are in dire need of a muzzle, but don’t want to give your pet the pain of not being able to see at all, then this is probably worth it for you.

However, if you don’t mind your pet seeing anything at all while the muzzle is on, then this is most likely not worth it for you as there are cheaper alternatives that prevents the pet from biting while not allowing it to see.

We hope that with this review, you will be able to make a purchasing decision of whether or not you want to get this muzzle or not. As a side note, the anecdote of our review above was based off of our experience several years ago when our shelter was open. We are still using it to this day with a few of our cats!

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