Petsafe Drinkwell 360 Review 2018

If you have multiple cats and is looking for a cat water fountain for multiple cats, then the Petsafe Drinkwell 360 is the perfect product for you. With the ability to serve more than one cat at one time due to its 360 design, your pets will no longer have to wait while one is still drinking. We also recommend this product if you are on a budget as well, as it is affordable compared to the other fountains available with this design and features.

What We Liked

There were some features that we liked about this product that we will review below. The first feature that we liked was the water capacity, as even though the product itself isn’t that big, it can still store a lot of water. To be exact, this product can hold 128 oz of water without breaking a sweat.

Another feature that we liked was the included filter because this will let you have a replacement filter for when you are ready to change it and will also allow you to get an idea of what kind and type of filter to get when you have to buy more replacements. As filters aren’t one use or permanent use products, you have to keep purchasing new filters as time goes on. That’s why we recommend that you purchase these filters for when you need to replace them as they are affordable and will last you quite some time.

Lastly, there is one feature that we liked that isn’t necessary, but is cool to have in a fountain. This is the free-falling stream feature which basically makes water that is circulated from underneath the bowl come out through a fountain-like arch, making the water fall as if it was falling from a stream. Not only does this look cool, but it may also help your pets be more encouraged to drink out of this fountain compared to a still, water bowl.


If you have more than one cat, it may not be that great to get a fountain that is meant for only one because then your pets will have to wait in line while the other one finished. By reading our Drinkwell 360 review above, we hope that you were convinced in getting this product for your pets, as it will greatly reduce maintenance time on your part and will also allow your pets to have access to better tasting, healthier water. Get the fountain today and you won’t regret spending a lot less on a product that is a lot better and satisfactory than a premium product that may have not met your needs.


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