Petsafe Drinkwell Cat Water Fountain Reviews 2018

Are you looking for a cat water fountain but can’t find one because there are so many to choose from? In reality, it should be even harder if you are looking for specific features and need specific needs because of your pet, such as having more than one cat using the water fountain at once. In this review article, we will be going over the Petsafe Drinkwell fountains as there are a variety of them in different styles, price points, and for people with different needs.

Top 3 Petsafe Drinkwell Cat Water Fountains

About the Brand

The Petsafe Drinkwell brand is a great brand to choose your fountain from because they offer products with exceptional quality with great features and designs as well. As we test many different types of products with different brands on a daily basis, we do see a lot of products and we know that the Petsafe Drinkwell brand knows what they are doing and we recommend that you get a fountain from them if you want something that will last a long time.

This brand doesn’t offer just one or two types of fountains, but rather a large amount which is one of the reasons why we recommend them. If you become one of their loyal customers, then you won’t be bored with a few choices, but will always be entertained with quite a few.

Product Lineup

Some of the products in their lineup are listed below. They have a lot more, but we have listed below the products that we will be reviewing below.


Below, we will review the products that we have listed above. The reviews aren’t in specific order, but rather listed randomly, so because we have reviewed the product first doesn’t mean that we are recommending it over any of the other ones. However, we do recommend a product out of the list compared to the other ones which is located on the most bottom part of this review.

1.) Petsafe Drinkwell Original Pet Fountain

The Petsafe Drinkwell Original Fountain is one of the first products that this brand introduced and as one of the first ones, it contains the basic functions that you would expect from a basic fountain. It contains a total of 50 ounces and has a free-falling stream design that makes the water look more appealing to drink from to pets. As this product is designed for both cats and dogs, it is a great choice if you have either of the two.

This product also comes with several features on top of the ones already mentioned above. One such feature is the control knob which allows you to change the the water flow to the speed that you want it to be. So, if you want the water to make close to no noise at all, you can set it to be slow, so that the water won’t fall as hard, but if you want the water coming down harder, you can also customize to that as well. Another feature is the carbon filter, as without it, the fountain won’t be able to perform its duty of filtering the water and keeping it clean. This filter can be exchanged to whichever filter you want, but we recommend that you use the replacement packs that you can get for this fountain instead of one from another brand.

Lastly, one of the best parts about getting this fountain is that you can wash it in your dish cleaner without any issues at all. So if you are one of the people that loves to put everything in the dish cleaner, then this product is for you, as it will stay safe inside without breaking or malfunctioning. Overall, this is a very basic water fountain without any exceptional features, but still great none the less because of the features that differentiate this original fountains with the others. This product is also quite affordable as well, so if you are on a budget, this should be one you should consider.

2.) Petsafe Drinkwell 360

With a storage size of 128 oz, this fountain is a great choice if you are looking into an entry-level higher tier fountain that can store a good, healthy amount of water. If you don’t like exchanging the water inside of the fountain frequently, then getting this product would be a good choice since you will be able to have your fountain filter out the water for a longer period of time. With lower storage, you won’t be able to store as much, requiring more refills of water.

The greatest thing about this product is the feature that allows it to have multiple pets drinking from it at once because of its 360 design. This design allows the water to follow all 360 degrees around the fountain, allowing pets to come in from all directions to drink from the fountain instead of from just one direction, making it a good choice for households with more than one cat. So, instead of purchasing multiple fountains for your multiple cats, you can simply have this one single one and not have to worry about your pets fighting over the fountain.

This product also comes with 1-5 different streams, so that your pets can drink directly from the stream if they choose to do so. This fountain has filters that come attached, so if you need them replaced, we recommend that you get carbon filter replacements here so that you can make sure that your pets are always drinking healthy and clean water. Overall, this product is great especially if you have multiple cats, so we recommend that you get it if your requirements fit it and you can afford it.

3.) Petsafe Drinkwell Platinum Pet Fountain

Before we get into the review, we want to point out that we have an in-depth, separate review of this product on our site that you can check out here.

With one of the highest storage capacity in this listed, we highly recommend this product if you want to decrease the times you have to replace the water tank, as the reservoir that comes with this product is very minimal compared to the others in this list. This product is one of the higher tier fountains in this list as it is a bit more expensive, comes with more storage, and looks ascetically more technical.

The total water capacity volume of this product is an astounding 168 ounces which allows you to store quite a bit of water inside. Compared to the storage capacity of 50 ounces of the Original Fountain, you can last a lot longer with this product than the original. Also, this product comes with the free-falling stream so that your pet will feel more enticed to drink from the fountain compared to water that is simply sitting in a bowl.

Lastly, the fountain comes with a filtering feature, so that the water your cat drinks is clean and will keep your pet healthy. If bacteria sits inside water that is still or not filtered for a long time, then the water will keep growing that bacteria which will eventually go inside of your pet and cause it to become sick, so it is important that you replace the filter of the fountain regularly to make sure that your pet is always drinking clean water. Overall, this product is recommended for those looking for a quality water fountain that will store a lot of water in exchange for paying a little bit more for this product compared to the others such as the original.

4.) Petsafe Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Fountain

In this Petsafe Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Fountain review, we will discuss the features and pricing of this fountain. This is because the price point of this product is extremely high compared to the rest of the products that are listed above. One of the main reasons that this occurs is because this product is made up of a mainly different material which is Ceramic. Ceramic is a material that allows the fountain to be cleaner in general, makes it look sleeker, and is tougher as well.

One con of this product compared to the others is that the storage is only 70 oz. Although this isn’t a small amount, it’s not as big as some of the products above, so if you are looking for more storage and a cheaper price, then looking at the 360 or the platinum may be better. However, the ceramic design allows the fountain to keep the water hydrogenated easier, so this is one reason why you might stick to this product despite the higher price.

Overall, this product is recommended if you have two pets that wouldn’t normally share a water fountain because of the two-sided free-falling stream design of this product and if you can afford it because the hygiene feature of this product is a lot better than the ones above. If you truly care about your pets, then getting this would be the most healthier choice because of how hard it is for bacteria to survive under ceramic pagoda conditions.

The Verdict / Conclusion

Our verdict is that the Petsafe Drinkwell Ceramic Pagoda Fountain is the best one to get if we simply take features into play. If we take price into play, this may change, but if we ignore that fact then this fountain is the best because of how much more healthier it is for your pet. If you can afford to pay for this fountain, we highly recommend that you do so as it will allow your pet to never get sick from drinking bad water ever again.

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