How We Review & Test Products

As we add more and more content on our site, we decided that it would be a good idea to add a post on how we test and review each individual product, since there is so many to test. As our full time job is working at our pet facility, we have a lot of time to test out these products as taking care of these pets is our job after all, and the company pays for all the products we review, since they support us seeing which product makes work more efficient for us.

Once we choose a product category to test out, such as a cat tree, then what we do is see which products that people commonly purchase and some products that aren’t as popular. We then send out a purchase order for 5-15 products to our company and receive the products. As we have a lot of cats to test out these products on and a lot of space, we simply separate the cats in different areas and see how the cats react and use the different products. For the products that we use directly, such as a cat brush, we test out the quality of the product by feeling the grip, edges, etc., and test how long we can use it before it breaks as well.

After the testing process, we gather all the notes that we have taken of the products and compile them to see which ones are good enough and of are of high quality to review them on Those reviews are what you see on our site today!

This review process takes from a week to months, so we put a lot of time into making these reviews, so we would appreciate if you could share our website with your cat friends or like our FB page or follow us on Twitter!

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