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Although most of the pets that you see now are living happily with a good owner, the truth is, there are even more pets living in animal shelters and on the streets, waiting for a home to live in. These pets, excluding shelters, are underweight and haven’t had a good place to live in since the day it got kicked out by owners that weren’t responsible enough to keep the pet they brought into their family.

This is an issue that is growing everyday. People are bringing pets into their lives, but some aren’t responsible enough to keep them. They see the joy of bringing a pet into their home, but once that joy is gone, all there is left is feces and urine to clean up as well as bank statements for cat litter and food. However, this is all one part of owning a pet and owners that bring their pets into their home have to be responsible enough to keep their pets.

What Are We Looking For?

We are looking for persuasive essays that will help pet owners that are on the verge of releasing their pets into the streets to try and stop and see how much their pet will suffer if released out on the streets. We are looking for persuasive essays that will help people take in animals that are waiting in a shelter to be adopted, so that more animals that are freezing in the streets can come in and have a chance at living a life in a home.

These are the requirements to be eligible to win a scholarship of $1000.

  • A minimum of 2,000 words.
  • Must be written persuasively, as we will be using it to help bring in donations for pet shelters and to use it to help shelters get more people to adopt their pets.
  • Original, with no plagiarism.

What Are We Giving?

We will be giving away $1,000 in total to the best essays. I, Alex, will personally read over each single one and if we don’t accept your submission, we will tell you why, so that you can fix it and hopefully come back to submit it again.

You can submit a maximum of 5 essays.

How Do I Submit?

You can submit your essay by emailing us the attachment at or you can use our contact form to submit your essay.

In the submission, you must include your:

  • Name
  • Address
  • School Name (if applicable)
  • Proof you are a student (if applicable)

Did I Win?

The winners of this scholarship will be contacted right after the deadline. The deadline for the essays will be December 31st. Your scholarship money will be sent directly to your school.