Surefeed Microchip Pet Feeder Review 2018

If you have more than one cat, then you might’ve seen this scenario pop up at least once before.

One cat is a slow eater and one cat is a fast eater. You give them food in their respective bowls at the same time and when the faster cat finishes their bowl, they go to the slower one’s bowl and helps them finish it.

Sure, it may sound like they’re sharing, but in reality, the one that is faster is becoming increasingly obese, due to eating more than what you have given it, while the one who is slower is becoming increasingly thinner, as it is eating less than what it should be eating.

There are solutions such as feeding them at different times and keeping the other pet away from the other while each are eating at their own times. But, this becomes a nuisance and makes it harder to keep track of meals and will require more maintenance as well.

A cat feeder with microchip is the solution

A cat feeder with microchip is basically a product that uses a microchip attached to the pet’s neck to open up the door to the food whenever it passes through the gate. This allows only certain pets with a specific ID to open the door to the food and not allow any other pet to eat from the bowl inside the feeder with microchip. This type of technology is called RFID Microchip.

With the slower cat, you can use this microchip device to allow it to eat at their own pace without having its food stolen by the faster cat, while the faster cat can eat normally from its own bowl. Once it realizes that it cannot access the food of the slower cat, the faster cat will stop attempting to steal food and will eventually stop this habit.

Not only is this for convenient for you, but it is also healthier for your cats. This is because they will both get the nutrients they needed without going over or under the recommended requirement. If you have a cat that is diabetic or sick, then this device will work great as well. As diabetic or sickness treatment powders go on food and are meant for sick pets, healthy pets that eat food with this treatment might get diarrhea or a stomachache, making this feeder a great solution.

What are some brands that sell cat feeders with microchip?

The best brand that we have seen so far is SureFeed. As this brand has patented most of this technology, other brands that try to imitate this innovation can’t do it as well as SureFeed. The SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder is sold in Amazon and in some retail locations and comes at a fairly average price when compared to other cat feeders with automatic mechanisms. Brands use technology from brands like this.

If you’re interested in reading a review about this product, then read on below to see our own recommendation and reviews of this brand. Since we have been using it in our shelters for some time now, we know that we can make a good, solid recommendation that you can trust.

SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder Review

Before we go into the review, we want you to know of a promotion that SureFeed is doing. For a limited time, if you purchase a SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder, you’ll get a free bowl to go alongside your order. You can check out the offer here.SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder review

At our pet shelter, we have hundreds of cats that go in and out of our shelter every month and due to this, we have seen a range of healthy cats, obese cats, thin cats, and diabetic cats. To treat and meet each type of cat, we needed to either setup different rooms for feeding or figure out a cheaper alternative.

This is when we found the SureFeed feeder and it was the perfect solution. As each room that we had to create for each type of cat would cost us in the range of over several hundred dollars, this product (obviously more affordable) would be the better choice. After purchasing a few and setting it up, we knew we hit the jackpot, as it was easy to setup, required less maintenance than rooms, and cost less money!

Why it was useful to us

When we were in our early stages, we often had our healthy pets eating food from the diabetic cat bowls which resulted in them being sick and getting stomach diseases such as the flu. But with the addition of SureFeed products, we were able to prevent them from getting access to food with treatment on it.

Another instance was with obese cats. Since they liked to obviously eat a lot more than our healthy or thin cats, they liked to steal food. Since obese cats had more body mass to them compared to any of the other types of cats, they had a sense of authority which caused other cats to walk away if they approached their bowls, giving them easy access to more food. With the addition to SureFeed bowls, this became easier to prevent.

Final Verdict

Overall, if you think that the price this product requests is worth the benefits of using the SureFeed Microchip Pet Feeder like we did at our shelter, then we HIGHLY recommend it. However, if you only have one cat or have two cats that doesn’t have a problem with eating their own food without touching the others’, then it isn’t worth the price tag. Since the build quality of SureFeed products are quite high alongside the features that it comes with, we’re sure you’ll be satisfied with this product if you see the benefits of using it with your pets. If you want to see reviews of automatic cat feeders, make sure to check them out. Timed cat feeders are also a great alternative if you don’t want to spend too much money either.

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